Review: The Heat Inc. – ‘Self-titled’

The Heat Inc. (“London’s loudest Rock ‘n’ Roll band”) have released their self-titled debut EP and for less of your hard-earned money than a chicken legend meal (cool mayo, natch) you can treat yourself to twenty minutes or so of riff-laden, garage rock ‘n’ roll. Fancy the CD version? Well, that will set you back the price of that chicken legend meal, with a side of mozzarella sticks thrown in. Either way, once you click purchase, you are dining well tonight.

Beginning with the riotous romp of ‘Down In The City’ – think Blondie’s ‘Call Me’, but with fiery guitar work courtesy of Marco Simoncelli – this is a fun EP. The kind of EP that reminds you that it’s great to be alive (or as Springsteen would say; “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive…”). The pacing on ‘Down In The City’ is feisty and vibrant, and thanks to the pulsating bass licks from Nico Rigot and the swing that drummer Maurizio Vitale brings to his craft, the opener possesses an almighty groove. It’s both fresh, and familiar. ‘Raptors’ is garage rock straight outta Detroit, Michigan, the vocals from Jon Dodd are full of life and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that this guy must be a sight to behold when he is onstage and lost in the music; shades of Rob Tyner from MC5, along with (as strange as it sounds) a hint of Brandon Flowers from The Killers.

‘Sammy Swing Easy’ is a beautiful, soulful little number with a gorgeous, groovy shuffle akin to The Rolling Stones classic ‘Time Is On My Side’. The guitar work from Marco Simoncelli is exemplary, especially the fiery work towards the end of the track, and on this evidence, the dude has all the makings of a guitar god-in-waiting. ‘Polaroids’ begins full-on then takes a step back and slows proceedings down with some big-ass bass licks; bluesier in places, with a stunning vocal performance from Jon Dodd, it’s one of those tracks where if it was some obscure New York City band then BBC Radio 6 would be falling over themselves to heap buckets of praise upon. Hell, it’s even got a saxophone outro! A really cool track that constantly surprises. The dark and brooding ‘Your After Love Song’ brings this fine EP to an end with vibes of The Psychedelic Furs; the vocals are low and menacing, and Simoncelli produces some fantastic guitar tones.

Great stuff indeed, the noise that these four guys make together is indeed a beautiful one. Hoping for a speedy return of grassroots gigs, for these guys sound like they will blow the roof off night after night.

Available now, purchase information here. 

Connect with the band, here.

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