Introducing: Fathom Farewell

Getting to know US melodic metalcore outfit Fathom Farewell, with vocalist and longest-standing member Alex Cohen acting as tour guide.

What are the origins of Fathom Farewell?

Fathom Farewell originally formed in 2015 and has had a few different iterations over the years simply due to the nature of the business and people not being able to make the sacrifices necessary to prioritize the band. However, our current lineup are the most committed group a band could hope for. Alex Cohen is the vocalist and longest-standing member of the band. He’s written every lyric Fathom Farewell has ever released, has booked most of our shows over the years, and has been the face of the band since we first emerged. His band nickname is Tarzan. Dustin Black is the 2nd longest-standing member having been the bassist for 3 years. He has much experience having been in the band Sunsinger and working with his solo project Vantablack. His band nickname is Twilight. EJ Gellar has been our drummer for 2 years and also has a great deal of experience having played in Sunsinger as well. He also is a firefighter and mechanic in the state of Massachusetts. His band nickname is Top Gun. Then Alicia Marinelli has been our guitarist for a year now, and also has a great deal of experience having spearheaded the band Shred of Salvation and has been a member of multiple other bands over the years including The Shape. She is a full-time music teacher and her band nickname is Turbo. We are a team of professional musicians all dead set on taking this to the next level.

What should people expect when they check the band out? How would you Fathom Farewell?

We are a high-driving, high-intensity, tidal wave of love and affection. I always refer to us as melodic metalcore however some of our new material delves into hard rock and even a little tech death. But most commonly I would say either Melodic Metalcore or Alternative Metal.

How did you feel performing your first gig as a band, and how was it?!

Well, we didn’t have a bassist and maybe weren’t completely show-ready, however, the reception from the crowd and our friends was amazing. They said we sounded huge for a 3 piece, although at that time we weren’t a 3 piece by choice (the first bassist we had simply was not cutting it). But it was an amazing show. Our first show ever we opened for MyChildren MyBride at the Worcester Palladium and had a great time.

The new music scene is bursting at the seams at the minute with fresh talent, in what ways do you feel that a band has to stand out to build a name for themselves?

You need to put the work in. Even then it may not be enough to stand out. But if you stay true to yourself and make only what you love and don’t try to emulate what someone else is doing, the attention will come. I truly believe the only reason we’ve been able to retain our fans is because our music is constantly evolving. We are never in any way trying to recreate what we’ve found success with before. We are always looking to find new successes in our endeavors and the music we make and I think that’s why people continue to care. Also in terms of standing out these days, if you aren’t posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 4 or 5 times a week, you’ll fall to the wayside as an up-and-comer. None of us asked for social media to take such a prominent role in our music careers but it is what it is and it is a simple way for industry professionals to determine how badly a band wants to make it.

What are you working on at the minute that people can check out?

Well, anything we are currently working on is not currently released, and can’t really have details shared about them, however, we recently dropped a new single called “Vitriol”! Go check it out!

In terms of a similar audience, which band out there at the minute do you feel Fathom Farewell would be best suited to open for?

Northlane or Ice Nine Kills

Excluding yourself, which new band would you like to see break out and become a success?

Tallah. They are already finding a great deal of success but they’re like family to us and we love them and what they do so much. We think they definitely deserve a great deal of success for their insane performances and what they bring to the table creatively. Honorable mention to Enox the new homies.

What are your own first musical memories? And what was the lightbulb moment that made you go “I want to do that”?

We all got into music with different and varying experiences of course so I suppose I’ll (Alex/vocalist) will answer this one. My mom took me to a free concert in a park when I was 8 years old where just 3 drummers were playing in syncopation with each other. It sparked me to take drum lessons, which I never truly got very good at, but it kept me involved with music until I began singing and found love for doing that.

What was the last gig that you attended as a fan?

Honestly, it’s been a long time for me (Alex). I perform solo acoustic shows to pay the bills and am booked most Wednesdays through Sundays so I end up missing most shows I want to attend. The last one was in 2018 for Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More. However, our guitarist just attend Les Claypools Flying Frog Brigade!

What current social issue are you particularly passionate about?

Wildlife conservation and mistreatment of animals. Our song Save Your Breath is actually about the common mistreatment and misunderstanding of pit bull terriers. The song was initially inspired by the law passed in Ontario allowing pit bulls to be euthanized simply for being pit bulls. Thousands of dogs were killed just for even looking like pit bulls. This absolutely shattered our hearts to a thousand pieces. Then the music video actually tells a different story about the legislation in the US that allows for police to kill dogs without consequence when on the job, for as little as barking in their general direction. Roughly 800-1000 dogs per year are killed by police on false tips, where either they were raiding an innocent person’s home due to bad information or simply having the wrong address. Then of course with this law in effect and the fact that barking is literally a dogs only method of communication with a stranger barging into their home and assaulting their family, dogs bark at the police executing the raid and are killed in the process, leaving an innocent family without their beloved furry family member. The police of course suffer no consequences for this. So the music video for Save Your Breath depicts an innocent person having their home broken into by police on a false tip, and their dog being shot for barking at one of the officers. It then follows the character, played by our vocalist Alex, through the pain he suffers as a result of this mistake. To bring some justice, the police officer who killed his dog in the video is still arrested for misconduct at the end, but in reality, the vast majority of the police who have actually murdered dogs in real life suffer zero consequences due to the current legislation.

The album that you have in your album collection/Spotify playlist that would surprise most people?

Probably at least 50% of what I (Alex/vocalist) listen to would surprise people based on what type of music we play. I listen to a ton of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 90s, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Neil Young, Bob Seger, James Taylor, The Smiths. I also adore Wu-Tang Clan and Nas in addition to a lot of rap and hip-hop. I have artists I regularly listen to in every genre except modern country. That said I really like Jelly Roll.

What new music have you been enjoying so far this year?

People love to hate on Sleep Token but they are absolutely an undeniable music powerhouse. Their album Take Me Back to Eden is definitely our favorite album released thus far this year. Currents new album The Death We Seek is definitely a close second. In addition to that we’re loving new releases from Invent Animate, Conquer Divide, Make Them Suffer, I Prevail, Veil of Maya, Crown the Empire, The Amity Affliction, and more.

What does the remainder of 2023 hold for Fathom Farewell?

Shows, more new music, and some stuff I can’t talk about yet 😀

How active are you on social media and where can people connect with Fathom Farewell?

We are extremely active on social media, as is the nature of the business we are in currently. People can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, and pretty much anywhere under Fathom Farewell. People can also stream us anywhere including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, and much more under Fathom Farewell. For easy access just hit this link:


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