Interview: Steven, From Sorrow To Serenity

Hi Steven, how are you and the From Sorrow To Serenity guys doing? Hopefully not too burnt out from touring!

“Hi Carol. I’m good thanks! We’re all a bit ill on this run, but plodding on.”
Aw, I feel for you all. Aside from the illness, how has the Golden Age UK tour been, as a whole?
“This tour has been our biggest and most successful headline run to date. We’re really pleased with the turnout every night so far, and now that we’re back in Scotland for the final two dates, I have no doubt that the great turnouts will continue!”
Which date was your favourite from the Golden Age tour?
“Thus far, we’ve had really great shows every night. Manchester was the biggest turnout yet and the energy was great, but we had equally awesome shows at Newcastle, Birmingham, and Hull. I think we’re expecting Glasgow to be the big finale as it’s a Saturday night in our hometown. It doesn’t get much better than that!”
Glasgow will be absolute carnage! Haha! What is your favourite city to play?
“We love playing Glasgow and London in particular at the moment, though this most recent show in Manchester has us convinced that it will join the list shortly.”
Manchester are a good bunch! Do you have any good tour stories that you’d care to share?
“There are many. I’ll pick one that I won’t get into trouble for telling! On our run last year with Fit For An Autopsy, we had a 13 hour overnight drive from Glasgow to Tilburg (Netherlands). It was our first show in mainland Europe, and we were all super excited to finally be there and play the show. Just as we were line checking to play before FFAA, Andrew [bass] looked across the stage at me with the most deeply unnerving stare. I will genuinely never forget the way he looked at me. Obviously, I was just stood there wondering why he was staring at me with such a dread-filled expression, then he just looked down at his bass and I noticed he has snapped off his bottom string. Of course, being the kind of band we are, this is basically the most important string on his instrument. Now usually, this wouldn’t be such a big problem as we would have 3 or 4 spare packs of strings ready to go in our guitar cases, but on this particular day, the very first of our tour with Fit For An Autopsy, Andy had forgotten to pack his spare strings, and thus was left to try and perform our full set (as we hadn’t even started playing at this point) missing the string that he actually plays most. The show went on and we did our thing. To make matters worse, he then broke a second string mid-set which had him playing 3 strings, trying to figure out which notes correlated with the bass lines he usually plays, and it was a bit of a nightmare. He was super disappointed about forgetting the bass strings for our first mainland EU show on the biggest tour we have done to date. At least we know it won’t happen again! Spare bass strings in every compartment of every bag these days.”
Haha, brilliant! Never forget the strings! How was it touring with your support act, Lotus Eater? What made yourselves and Lotus Eater agree to do a tour across the UK together?
“Lotus Eater are awesome dudes making great music, and it’s been a pleasure to have them as support on this run. Real easy to work with, and the friendships are blossoming! We would love to have them on the road with us anytime. We had Lotus Eater recommended to us as a band to check out, and at the time of our single release, it made sense to have them on board, as they released their debut EP around the same time and are also from the UK!”
It’s always good to have a band on the road with you that make it that little bit better, right?! What do you like to see from the crowd at a show?
“Energy. Whether it’s a bit of headbanging, moshing, or jumping around, it doesn’t matter to us. But if they’re standing still – Gaz will have them moving by the end of the first song.”
What are the next steps for the From Sorrow To Serenity?
“We’re working on new material for our next release, and are working on tours for the rest of the year in support of Golden Age and reaching new audiences. You can expect more tour dates in the UK before the end of the year, and we’re working on mainland Europe.”
Fantastic! What do you feel that From Sorrow To Serenity can give to the Metal/Alternative scene?
“Big riffs and catchy choruses. Music that bridges the gap between a number of sub-genres in the metalcore/deathcore scene that will appeal to the many.”
You released your single, ‘Golden Age’ just there in April 2017. What’s the bands main focus since the album release?
“Our main focus since our album release last year has just been to write the best music we can, and it just so happened that of the half-dozen or so new songs we’re currently sitting on, ‘Golden Age’ was best suited for a stand-alone single. We knew we had to get something out there to show how we sound with our new frontman, Gaz.”
And lastly, I’d just like to say thank you for speaking with me, I really do appreciate it. I wish you and all of From Sorrow To Serenity the best in the future, and I’ll hope to catch up with you at one of your shows! 
“No problem. Thanks for speaking to us! Anytime.”
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