Interview: An Introduction To False Hearts

False Hearts have only been together for a relatively short time, how did you all meet? “Adi (drummer) and Emma met in a previous band called The Visitors. When this came to an end, we still wanted to make music, but focus more on Rock. We posted an ad on Facebook, looking for like-minded musicians who wanted to make original rock music. We quickly met Ali, and from there we jammed together, the 3 of us at Sham Studios, were we met Adi (bass) who runs the studio, who said he would love to join and play bass for us. We played our first gig 3 weeks later!” How would you describe the False Hearts sound like to someone about to check you out for the first time? “Hard hitting melodic rock with strong melodies and punchy riffs.” Which band member has the orchestral experience? “That would be our drummer, Adi – playing percussion in a brass band that his great grandad started!” When False Hearts started, was there a shared goal, or was it a case of, “let’s have some fun and see where it takes us”? “We do have a shared goal in that we did want to take this seriously, write good original music, and get our songs out there as quickly as possible. When forming False Hearts, it was important to find like-minded dedicated musicians who wanted to give it a good go!” What was the first gig like? “Nerve-racking! We had only been a band for 3 weeks, and filled in last minute. We opened up Ledgefest – an all day music festival. The response was amazing!” Were you confident, nervous, or both recording the debut EP? “As we are skint, we recorded this ourselves, so we were quite nervous as the pressure was all on us to record, produce and mix – but happy with the result! We now use Valhalla studies, which means we can focus on writing the music.” Current single ‘Cynical Love’ has a massive sound. You must be buzzing that it’s out there for everyone to check out? “So buzzing! This was recorded by producer Dan Lambert at Valhalla Studies. This is our first official release for download and streaming, and it’s pretty awesome to know it is out there for everyone!” How do you work out the guitar parts between Ali and Emma? Is it whoever brings the riffs plays them, or is it a fight? “Generally, Ali takes on the lead part majority of the time, so Emma can focus on the vocals.” You have two Adrian’s in the band, is it Adrian 1 and Adrian 2, or do you resort to nicknames and piss-taking? “The piss-taking is non-stop… but not for those reasons! They even have the same initials, so we resort to Biggs and Bowes generally.” You list The Pretty Reckless as an influence. How do you think, they will fare opening for Stone Sour? Another influence, Shinedown, had a rough time to start with opening for Iron Maiden, but gradually won a lot of respect through perseverance. “Both amazing bands. The Pretty Reckless have a strong live presence, as do Stone Sour, and compliment each other with their style.” 2018 is a massive year for Shinedown and (another influence) Halestorm. Both new albums need to be big in order to quell the naysayers. What one are you looking forward to the most? “Halestorm! – massive sound, huge vocals, and one of the best stage presences we’ve seen! Our biggest influence, for sure!” Download 2018 has recently announced its headliners. Once the current crop of ‘classic’ headliners like Ozzy, Guns N’ Roses, and other arena-sized bands call it quits, will festivals like Download have to downsize? What new bands are capable of pulling in the crowds… or will it lead to more people just going for the event, regardless of who is playing? “Rock fans are die hard, and will continue to support the music and the festival. If and when our headliners call it quits, it will make room for the next generation!” What are the future plans for False Hearts? When can we see you live? “We are currently writing new music, and have gigs starting again in the new year. You can catch us at ReaperFest and also Cambridge Rock Festival 2018, alongside some amazing rock bands! We hope to have a busy summer with festivals, and a second EP is on the cards for early next year!” More information on False Hearts here.  ]]>

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