September Mourning: New Video – '20 Below'

 “20 Below is about ending the cycle of abuse within our own lives, whether it’s self inflicted or from an outside source. We’ve all had those relationships where someone has gotten close to us, abuses us in some way… knocks us down so hard it diminishes our self esteem. “20 Below” is about the realization that the beat down feeling and feelings of worthlessness are untrue and being caused by some external negativity. It’s about being strong enough within your own self to rise above. There are no saviors or Messiah coming to save us. There’s only the strength in our hearts and our souls, which is greater than we can even conceive. It’s great enough to be the catalyst to save our own selves if we find a way to tap into that part of ourselves.” – September September Mourning is also gearing up to join Dope and Combichrist as direct support on their Blood Lust Death Tour with Davey Suicide opening.   Blood Lust Death Tour 2017 Dates: 02/27 @ Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR 02/28 @ Studio Seven – Seattle, WA 03/02 @ Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT 03/03 @ Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO 03/04 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS 03/05 @ Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO 03/06 @ Underground – Omaha, NE 03/07 @ Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA 03/08 @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St Paul, MN 03/09 @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA 03/10 @ Q&Z Expo Center – Ringle, WI 03/11 @ The Sandlot – Green Bay, WI 03/12 @ The Annex – Madison, WI 03/13 @ The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI 03/14 @ The Agora – Cleveland, OH 03/15 @ HOME Bar – Arlington Heights, IL 03/16 @ Big Shots – Valparaiso, IN 03/17 @ The Apollo Theatre – Belvedere, IL 03/18 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI 03/19 @ The Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI 03/20 @ Trixie’s Ent. Complex – Louisville, KY 03/21 @ Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA 03/22 @ Reverb – Reading, PA 03/23 @ Highline Ballroom – New York, NY 03/24 @ Palladium – Worcester, MA 03/25 @ Fish Head Cantina – Halethorpe, MD 03/26 @ Arizona Pete’s -Greensboro, NC 03/28 @ The Haven – Winter Park, FL 03/29 @ The Orpheum – Tampa, FL 03/30 @ O’Malley’s Sports Bar – Fort Lauderdale, FL 04/02 @ Southport Music Hall – New Orleans, LA 04/03 @ Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX 04/04 @ Scout Bar – Houston, TX 04/05 @ Fitzgerald’s – San Antonio, TX 04/06 @ Trees – Dallas, TX 04/08 @ Club Red – Mesa, AZ 04/09 @ The Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA About September Mourning: September Mourning’s debut EP (Volume I) and comic book (A Murder of Reapers) tells an epic tale of “heartbreak, loss, pain, joy, love, redemption, but most of all, courage…” while the comic book chronicles the first chapter of her story. Produced by Sahaj Ticotin and Howard Benson, September Mourning revives the concept of rock star meets superhero. If Marilyn Manson and X-Men’s Storm had a kid, it would be September Mourning, who also cites influences as varied as Motionless In White, Disturbed, and Muse.. “For me, the project is a story, a theatrical art piece,” September explains. “Music is the backbone, but for this to work, it has to include the imagery and the narrative all symbiotically linked into the whole. Music taps into your innermost being. There’s something very intimate and personal about it.” The character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance, and thus toys with Fate. To expound on this narrative, September is working with iconic comic book artist Marc Silvestri, who started out on the original X-Men comics and went on to form Top Cow Productions (Witchblade, The Darkness). Together, they are putting together the story of September Mourning in graphic form, to accompany, and enhance the musical message. Having toured with Marilyn Manson, September Mourning has already built up an impressive fan base, which she calls her “Children of Fate,” constantly encouraging them to have “the courage to embrace their passion… to allow yourself to follow your heart and not be a slave to your fears. To know that the only boundaries that exist in our lives are the ones we allow.” Band Lineup: September Shadou Riven Wraith Stitch]]>

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