Review: Wig Wam – ‘Out Of The Dark’

Kind of cheesy glam metal and hard rock is my absolute bread and butter, and Wig Wam have delivered to a perfect T. ‘Out of the Dark’ is an album full of the kind of arena rock you’d expect from a band that managed to reach a Eurovision semi-final – big and loud and catchy, and if this is what we’re getting out of them because of the Peacemaker revival, then I’m infinitely glad for whoever’s choice that was.

The album starts us off in media res – it almost feels like it’s mid-riff, and thus Wig Wam clearly aren’t wasting any time with any kind of fancy intro, instead dropping us right into the action with ‘Out of the Dark’. The guitar isn’t too heavy, but it’s loud and it frames the particularly strong vocals really well. Only one song into the album and it does already feel like the perfect air guitar track, though there are inevitably more of those to come.

‘Forevermore’ is the album’s lead single, and we actually get a lead in this time, a little build-up before some surprisingly growly vocal work, that (alongside the catchy instrumental work) gives you a mythological vibe and not just because Thor just about gets a name drop. Each verse is a slow build-up to a grand chorus, almost written to be worth chanting in a crowd. It’s not too fast-paced, sitting comfortably between anthemic and a power ballad, especially during the stripped-back breakdown, but it’s so easy to get stuck in your head and so fun on top of that.

The album’s closer ‘Sailor and the Desert Sun’ is the shortest track, but it pulls thoroughly from that same mythic vibe that they’ve curated through the rest of the album, put to different use here as a slower, more balladic song, that befits the theme of the sea.

The album is a fun experience, more than anything else, and while there are a few off-notes here and there, it’s exciting in the right ways, and there are more than enough melodies that get stuck in your head to make up for it.

Available now via Frontiers Music SRL, more information here.

Review – El Vipond

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