Review: Myles Kennedy – Edinburgh

Anyone unfamiliar with The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh didn’t have a hard time in finding the venue. “Walk up (or) down that winding cobblestone road, see that bloody big tour bus…right behind that”. Kind of like parking a tour bus on Coronation Street really. Those foolhardy enough to brave the sweltering heat, were rewarded when the man himself, Myles Kennedy, popped his head out to say hello. No pretences, no airs or graces. Just a guy happy to stop and pose for a selfie with fans desperate to get on the barrier in a few hours time.

Myles Kennedy hasn’t stepped onstage yet and the cameras are flashing. Down at the front and to the side of the stage, Kennedy’s guitar tech is flashing all his wares. Holding up the most beautiful of steel guitars for all to see, it was like the musical equivalent of an A-lister walking the red carpet. One after another, guitar enthusiasts are taking pics of this marvellous creation. The guitar was pretty decent as well..badum-tish!

Bad jokes over and done with, Myles Kennedy is in the wings as the intro tape ramps the atmosphere up. After a pause, the Alter Bridge/ Slash frontman and self confessed “dork” takes to the stage for opening number ‘Devil On The Wall’. The UK and Europe are Alter Bridge territory, everyone knows that. So for some, the prospect of catching Myles Kennedy in a small, intimate venue is sheer ecstacy. Much the same could also be said for Kennedy. As he hammers out the opening few bars, the first few lyrics, his eyes are taking it all in. Hard to remember a performer of such stature that makes as much eye contact as Myles Kennedy does.

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