Review: As Sirens Fall – ‘Where Lost Things Go’ EP

With the loss of My Chemical Romance (and the total shit storm that was the last album by Thirty Seconds To Mars), there is a gap in the market for some anthemic pop rock with a little bit of bite that fans can identify with. Imagine Dragons are way too bland for a lot of people, and seem light years away from the guitar driven angst of ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’, ‘The Black Parade’ or the audacious pop of MCR’s swansong ‘Danger Days’. Killjoys everywhere still worship at the MCR altar and are in dire need of some new blood. Fans of Jared Leto, downhearted about the attempt to become U2, need someone new to follow. And the answer could be a bit closer to home. Enter Yorkshire’s As Sirens Fall. As Sirens Fall are not so much a new cult, more a band to get on board with from the start. ‘Where Lost Things Go’ is the second EP and aims to build on the goodwill created by the debut, ‘The Hospital Party’. Both MCR and Thirty Seconds To Mars were renowned for their huge, sweeping choruses, and you will find plenty on here to sing along with… not forgetting that Mr Benji Webbe of Skindred pops up on ‘In My Mind’. Six tracks in length, ‘Where Lost Things Go’ begins with current single ‘Lily’, a dramatic and powerful track with messages that each person will interpret differently. Frontman Mikey Lord has an impressive range that goes from a whisper to a scream in a split second. He also displays the same sense of vulnerability as that of Gerard Way, so it’s only natural that there are a few Way-isms throughout the EP, and musically, the closing moments on the opening track echo the ambition of MCR. Webbe guests on the riotous ‘In My Mind’, the infectious chorus will have hands in the air wherever the band plays, and it’s hard not to smile when Webbe appears. ‘Like Vultures’ has the guitars that Leto forgot about on ‘Love, Lust, Faith And Dreams’, whereas ‘Getaway’ is much more stripped back, with a stark piano intro and Lord’s voice combining to great effect. The song builds into a gem that should be a showstopper, as should be the much more uptempo ‘My Only Ghost’, which bounces like a baby on blue M&M’s. ‘She Runs With The Wolves’ ends the EP with a hopeful sound that gradually develops into an uplifting anthem. As Sirens Fall have the songs and the aura of a band that could make quite an impression on those looking for new musical heroes that they can identify with. Cult is a word with some dark connotations, so let’s not use it, but As Sirens Fall do have a certain something to encourage a cult-like following. Available April 13th, more information here. Review: Oli]]>

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