Oli Brown & The Dead Collective: Announce Debut EP ‘Prelude

Award-winning British guitarist and songwriter Oli Brown announces his debut EP ‘Prelude’, a collection of 4 deep, gritty, powerful, and soul-searching songs with his rousing new band Oli Brown & The Dead Collective. It will be available January 27 on all digital platforms and a strictly Limited Edition CD run of 250 (now sold-out).

“It all comes from a unique and honest place, the perfect blend of my origins and distinctive alternative roots sound with the weight and earnestness of my previous band.” muses the Norfolk UK born frontman on what is clearly a very personal release, “At the time, my subconscious was more aware of my mental health than my consciousness, so it was a big wake-up call for me to make many changes in my life.”

Opening with the raucous stomper ‘Heard It All Before’, “We stacked up a lot of long epics during writing and wanted something that was cutting but hit shorter than the rest. Just something you can put your head to and get lost in that grunge.” As for the brooding and bruising ‘Sinking Ship’, and with a wry smile, “The first EP is dark as a whole. The band came together creating within that darkness, and I tried to make sense of a lot happening inside my head.”

Initially recognised as a blues musician, winning several awards as Best Guitarist, Best Band, and Best Singer at the British Blues Awards, he toured and supported artists such as Joe Satriani and Buddy Guy in his solo career. Craving a change in musical direction and a departure from his roots, Oli formed the rock band RavenEye with two highly acclaimed releases which led to international tours with Slash, Deep Purple, Aerosmith and major festival appearances including Download (UK & Madrid), Reading & Leeds and Hellfest France.

Teaming up with the highly regarded and also award-winning drummer/producer Wayne Proctor, the talented and accomplished duo co-wrote, produced, mixed and mastered at Superfly Studios Newark, enlisting the talents of Alex Phillips on bass and Andrew Banfield on synth. Oli beams about a particular track of which two contrasting, but complementing versions feature, “Take the song ‘Haunted’, it’s one of the most natural songs I’ve ever written which was the foundation of the whole band and gave birth to the idea of it. There’s an alternate take to highlight the lyric content and we were lucky to have Jo Quail, a fantastic cello player, create the most beautiful string arrangement that closes the EP.”

This spring sees Oli return to stalking the stage with the band playing their debut headline show February 1 at The Flying Circus Newark swiftly followed by Planet Rock Winter’s End festival and a UK tour in March with Northern Irish rock royalty, The Answer – tickets on sale now here. With a deep reverence for rock, the band is raw and refined with Oli’s soaring vocals and emotive lyrics perfectly complementing the band’s dynamic instrumentals, creating an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience in both a recorded and live setting.

Having taken the time during the worldwide lockdown to reconnect with his own songwriting and lyrics, the ultimate result is a stunning new EP offering with undeniable songs. As Oli states with a glint in his eyes, “The one thing I’ve got from being able to go back to my perspective is the ability to be honest with myself and the songs. It’s a raw account of my state of mind and health and a taste of what’s to come for the Dead Collective. Out with the old, in with The Dead.”



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Photo courtesy of Drew Ormrod

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