October Changes: ‘Decay of Sleeping Beauty’

Belgian gothic metal band October Changes has released their new single, called ‘Decay of Sleeping Beauty’, as an Independent Release.

October Changes hails from Heist o/d Berg, Belgium and was founded in october 2018 by Luk Michels (rhythm guitars) and a former band member.

Luk formerly played in the Antwerp based MetalCore-project ‘To Bury A Dream”, a band that already has put “Trix café” on their venue list.

At the end of 2018 Wesley Marivoet joined the band on the drums. Wesley has over 20 years of experience in several bands and has played medium-big and small stages and festivals. He currently also still plays in the punk-rock coverband “Döst”.

After some line-up changes Wendy Van Craen joined October Changes as vocalist and lyricist in February 2019. Wendy started writing poems at the age of 5 and converted to songwriting at the age of 28 for her former symphonic metalband “ShadowGrace”. Wendy has had a classical training in evening classes, but also started with private vocal training in 2009 and keeps on training with her personal vocal coach up until this day.

Not long after, Wesley introduced Sven Luypaert to the band as the bass player. After having played in several bands, Sven had a musical break for 15 years. In mars 2019 Sven decided to pick up his bass guitar again and joined the band.

When in august 2019 the band’s former composer left the band, the rest of the band decided to combine forces in composing and writing music. Not long after Wesley took over the role as main composer and the mood for their specific musical style was set.

At that moment the band was still missing a lead guitar player. In November 2019 Wendy introduced Bert Lempens to the band as the lead guitar player. Bert picked up the guitars for the first time in 2017 and already displayed the talent needed to become their new lead guitar player. After a few rehearsals he proved that he was more than ready for the task.

Today October Changes brings an eclectic blend of symphonic, industrial and gothic metal, fused together with some electronic influences. The female vocalist delivers vocals that go from clean, more classic inspired to more powerful dark vocals. The result is something really unique and catchy, but yet difficult to define and has the ability to reach beyond metal-music-lovers.

Recently they released their new single “Decay of Sleeping Beauty” (self published). A nice successor for their already released four singles (self published) called: Haven, Silent Screams, Monsters and The Puppet Factory.

The mood is set and the motivation and ambition of the band is more than ever present.

Can you handle this? Then let’s get this metal party started!

Connect with October Changes here.

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