Great Music Stories: Announces Fourth Instalment Of Modern Rock Free CD

This week, Great Music Stories releases Modern Rock Vol 4 in a bid to help grow the audience for grassroots rock.

500 copies of the free CD will be available to listeners of the Friday Rock Show over the next month – and each person that requests copy will get a plus one to give to someone new to the scene. A small but practical gesture to help grow the scene and get rising and unsigned bands in front of new audiences.

The new edition quickly follows Volume 3, which focused on the bands that had supported the radio station’s ‘rock shows for freedom’ in support of the people of Ukraine.

As Great Music Stories creator Guy B explains: “Initially Volume 3 was going to be a continuation of where we left off with Volume 2 in 2019, a collection of cracking songs that deserved attention, many of which hadn’t been picked up by big or mainstream media. When the Ukraine invasion happened, we focused our rock shows on supporting freedom, the humanitarian issues and Volume three followed that path as an expression of support for the people of Ukraine and victims of conflict worldwide. That project was an important moment for us all, but now we return with the songs that were originally ear-marked for the next CD.”

“The focus of Volume 4 is ‘community’ – the CD is a thank you to the people that tune in each Friday and, in doing so, advocate bands on social media and email. The bands chosen are also a selection of the many that get directly involved on Friday nights, chat with music fans and support the show. The new collection is deliberating varied to underline the strength of today’s scene being its diversity.

Volume 4 features returns for Great Music Stories’ last three bands of the Year – Amongst Liars, As Sirens Fall, and Scarlet Rebels – and features two former Singles of the Year. There are 14 acts making their debut on the series, as each edition spreads the net on the diversity of talent in the scene today.

The new CD is the result of mutual collaboration with managers, labels and bands and is a completely non-commercial exercise – a rare project that is all, or only, about the merit of the music. Guy B adds: “The CD is free, it’s all about spreading the word on new music and it’s a principle everyone involved in the project buys in to. Further with a cost-of-living crisis, offering a free CD helps ensure access to new music continues for everyone. If anyone has a few pounds they can spare for music, in my view they should spend it directly with a band at their webstore or their ticket site. I don’t want to cut across that, which is why the Modern Rock CD is free. If anything we’ll hopefully help create new fans for the bands.”

Modern Rock Volume 4 has been warmly welcomed by the bands that are on the CD.

Wayne Doyle of Scarlet Rebels, former Band of the Year and Current Single of the Year winners comments: “Great Music Stories has always been pivotal to the success of Scarlet Rebels. Our history is endless. Guy B started playing These Days early on in our ‘See Through Blue’ campaign (I sent Guy an early copy for some honest feedback). Since playing the song, it became the most requested song on the station in 2021 and 2022, it was their single of the year, it sits on our #7 charting album ‘See Through Blue’ and now it sits on Modern Rock Volume 4. I’m really happy we got the permission to do it and for Great Music Stories to use the song, as we appreciate their support more than anything.”

Matt Jones of Twisted Illusion said: “The music industry has and always will be segregated into a classist minefield of backhanders and risk-free mediocrity over any real attempt at artistic expression. Twisted Illusion feels at home with Great Music Stories. Our alignment of ethos, sensibility and exquisite taste in the finest of Toto and Rush has been a welcome change in this paradoxical dance we like to call music. We appreciate every iota of Guy B’s relentless enthusiasm and genuine joy at finding new music without anything more than a good set of ears as the gatekeepers. It is our honour and privilege to share a small part of ourselves in this compilation with our song ‘Extrovert vs Introvert’ which is so eloquently rooted in both of our aural ideologies to promote wellness, especially among our fellow creatives. “Try to tell me, I’m insignificant”. ”

Giada from Florentine rock force Violet Blend (recently voted Band of the Month) said: “We believe that music is one of the most important forms of union between people. In these dark times we all need to get back to know each other and explore new realities, Great Music Stories and the Modern Rock compilation gives us this chance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Jack from Tarraska, who’s debut album bagged Album of the Month says: “To have ‘Requiem’ included on Modern Rock Volume 4 is a huge honour, as we realise how much talent is out there vying for attention. ‘Requiem’ is a particular favourite track of ours for various reasons. Using the meaning ‘a musical composition in honour of the dead,’ the song is a message to our dearly departed, taken-too-soon loved ones, describing elements of lament and comfort to a passed soul. We hope that the subtlety and depth of ‘Requiem’ will be a good counterpoint to the heavier, more upbeat elements of the Modern Rock Vol 4 album and round-off the whole package both sonically and thematically.

Ian George from GMS ‘Band of the Year’ Amongst Liars bring something refreshingly modern to Modern Rock Vol 4, with a special remix by Pihka is my Name on one of their debut album songs. Ian comments: “We are really happy to be on Modern Rock Vol 4, as love being involved with and part of the scene of all the great bands and artists that GuyB and Great Music Stories supports. It’s also amazing that he picked this dance remix that Pihka is My Name did of our single ‘All Over Now’ to reflect a more diverse side of music, as we believe that modern rock shouldn’t have any boundaries.”

Fred Hale from Sons of Liberty says: “We are so excited by the range and quality of new rock music being produced today, and honoured to have our big message of peace and harmony ballad ‘I Come In Peace’ from our current album ‘Aces & Eights’ featuring amongst some quite stunning music on this on-point CD compilation.”

Jas from rising modern rock force Firekind says: “We’re stoked to be part of Great Music Stories Modern Rock Vol 4 compilation. When we were asked, we couldn’t say no as it’s such a cool range of bands showcasing all that’s good in the UK today.”

Canadian musician Marshall Potts has been a bit hit on the Friday show over the summer, with single’ Heaven or Home’ having a 14-week summer run. Marshall Potts comments: “I’m super excited to have Heaven or Home on Great Music Stories Modern Rock Volume 4. Heaven or Home shares the process of taking the time out of my busy life to look inside and see where I’ve been, where I’m going. To take stock of my life and analyze the reason I’m even here and how the experiences have molded my belief systems. Defragging my life like we would a hard drive to repair and reorganize my thoughts before the traumas and scars left their damage. To reconnect to the original child inside before life took control away from the dreamer and fear stole the feeling that all things are possible. I found myself in the process and regained that initial positivity we are all born with. Now I wonder where this all leads and I am reminded that it isn’t the destination but the journey that is most important – that heaven or home may actually be the same place one day.”

People can request a copy of Modern Rock Vol 4 each Friday between 5-10pm by tuning in to the Friday Rockshow on A band page will go up at – a one-stop shop with full details of the stories and social links for all bands on the album. Many of the bands will also be doing hour specials on the Friday Rock Show in the next few months, another way to support the collective of artists on the CD.

Full track listing

1. Scarlet Rebels – These Days

2. Marshall Potts –  Heaven Or Home

3. Matt Pearce & The Mutiny – Got A Thing Going On

4. Cloverhill – Beach

5. Miss Kitty – Bury The Hatchet (acoustic version)

6. As Sirens Fall – Dynamite

7. Violet Blend – Rock DJ

8. Twisted Illusion – Extrovert vs Introvert

9. Tarraska – Requiem

10. Skam – New Dawn (radio edit)

11. Firekind – Sound Of Rain

12. DeadBlondeStars – Shine Any Light

13. Amongst Liars & Pihka Is My Name – All Over Now (remix)

14. Theia – The Day

15. King Voodoo – Hold On

16. Troy Redfern – Profane

17. Cry For Mercy – Sons And Daughters

18. Takeaway Thieves – Soothe Me

19. Copperworm – Pulse (Radio edit)

20. Jack J Hutchinson – Halo

21. Sons Of Liberty – I Come In Peace

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