Exile The Traitor 'Winter Eternal' Release

Exile The Traitor are back with their brand new EP, ‘Winter Eternal’.

The Scottish death metal band formed in 2011, and released their first EP ‘Necrology’ in 2012. The band quickly became popular in Scotland, winning the Scottish Metal To The Masses, and playing Bloodstock the same year.

The band consists of vocalists Anton Franzen and Wull Hay, guitarists Ian McGuinness and Kenny Middleton, bassist Will Keogh and drummer Kerr Grey.

The opening track ‘Laments of a Flesh Peddler’ is heavy and hard-hitting. Anton’s low growl mixes well with Wull’s screaming. The song stays heavy throught, with nearly constant vocals. This track shows just how ‘death metal’ the band are, and sets the pace for the rest to follow.

‘Puppetry of the Interred’ is next up. This time the song starts off and has more of Wull’s screaming voice. There is an excellent bit of guitar work, just over halfway through, and more at the end of the track. This track does not end as suddenly as ‘Laments’ does, but instead lets the guitars flow on.

The third track is ‘The Midnight Cavalcade’. It starts straight in with Anton’s vocals and heavy guitars, then add the drums and bass, and it makes an amazing heavy death metal song. Again you get some awesome guitar work in this song. Everything mixes perfectly in this song, but it does end a bit quicker than expected.

The band show no signs of slowing down as we reach the forth and final song, title track, ‘Winter Eternal’. The energy of the drums is phenomenal and constant throughout. This song is the only one to feature a solo, and a beautiful one it is too. The song ends with one last scream from Wull, and leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Winter Eternal’ is a very heavy EP. There is definitely a lot more to come from this band. Watch out!

Review by Rebecca Livingstone


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