Cammie Beverly: Debut Solo Single – House of Grief

The southern gothic siren Cammie Beverly announces her solo debut with the single ‘House of Grief’, via the Swedish independent label Icons Creating Evil Art.

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Deep from the verdant shadows of southern mystique, Cammie Beverly emerges with her solo debut album: House of Grief. The first single of the same name promises an odyssey of dark pop embroidered with southern gothic textures, alt-pop rhythms, and ripples of dark wave that invite listeners into her evocative realm.

Cammie, known for her work as the soulful voice of Oceans of Slumber, finds herself in a raw, yet gracefully dark rebirth. The album is a spellbinding journey where the haunting ambiance of gothic country meets the edgy energy of southern melodies. From antebellum tales whispered under mossy oaks to love stories told amidst the backdrop of haunting bayous, every track is a step into a landscape dripping with nostalgia and longing.

This isn’t just music; it’s an experience. Cammie’s voice, an alchemy of pain and passion, winds its way through every note, seeking out the hidden spaces of the heart. It’s a soundscape where the modern heartbeats of alt-pop intertwine seamlessly with the age-old tales of the South.

Icons Creating Evil Art, the visionary label standing behind Cammie’s new venture, captures this essence beautifully. The label, known for its avant-garde approach and its ability to recognize the sparks of musical genius, finds in Cammie Beverly a muse for our age. A siren call from the past that resonates deeply with today’s world.

“House of Grief isn’t just an album,” says Cammie, “It’s a sanctuary. A place where stories live, breathe, and echo. A refuge where pain finds solace and shadows dance with hope.”

Join Cammie Beverly on this transcendental journey. Dive deep into the House of Grief and discover a world where every emotion is as tangible as the notes that carry them.

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About Icons Creating Evil Art:
Icons Creating Evil Art is an innovative record label curating a roster of artists who redefine genres and boundaries. From edgy rock to groundbreaking pop, ICEA is the epicenter of music that moves, challenges, and changes the world. ICEA is a boutique music label and publisher with the intention of evoking feelings and reactions we want to provoke, inspire, create, destroy, and disrupt old structures while having fun doing so.

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