Review : The Wildhearts – 'Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung: PHUQ Live'

“I guess I’ll never be effective like a big shot, I’ll never get the money that they got, but I’ll be smiling much longer” The Wildhearts’ crowds have always been legendary, and as the opening chords of ‘Just In Lust’ are heard, they immediately start singing along before the song has even started. The affinity Ginger has with the fans is down to the honest fact that he really does appreciatte them coming and supporting the band, and this bleeds over into the performances, with the band giving its all to perform at their very best, every time. At this point, it is worth mentioning just how good this band is. The drums are dynamic and rock solid, as is the bass and guitars. The vocals are on point, and the harmonies are right. They are just a rock solid unit performing with passion and good, honest energy, that the fans appreciate and love them for. Not to forget the quality of sound. This is one of the best recorded live albums I have heard! ‘Nita Nitro’ is next up, and I am just going to start repeating myself, as we are once again, blasted with The Wildhearts’ energy that sees the crowd joining in as though they are part of the show. In fact, the crowd is the fifth member of the band. ‘Jonesing For Jones’ is, I think, one of Ginger’s biographical tracks. I have tried to work out what it’s about, but I would not want to commit to print, as only one person really knows. We have next a small crowd participation piece that I will leave to your imagination until you go out and buy the record. The tracks keep coming and coming. ‘Woah Shit, You Got Through’, ‘Caprice’, ‘Be My Drug’ etc etc. To save myself repeating, I will wrap this up here. If you are a Wildhearts fan, you will know the track listing. If not, go buy it, you will not regret it. This is The Wildhearts as they should be heard… live… with their energy and interaction with the crowd coming accross perfectly. I have loved every second of listening to this album, and I feel you will too! Review: Simon Larkin]]>

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