Review: Reigning Days – 'Reigning Days'

You know a band are going to be good when you get names like Royal Blood and Guns ‘n’ Roses thrown at you. I am always a little wary when a band are hyped up, as they never seem to live up to it… Reigning Days may just buck that trend.

The Devonshire based trio have got a massive sound, and the fact that this is a debut, self titled, release gives me goosebumps. As I said, there is a lot of chatter about Reigning Days.¬†They have made the Kerrang! playlist, and have just got on board for the ‘BBC Introducing’ recordings, so let’s delve into the body of this EP like a mad scientist and get to the guts, brain, and heart of it.

The EP opens with the heaviest of tracks, and for that reason, this was my automatic favourite. The riff for “Empire” was brilliant, but it soon scales back to a solid bass backline, distorted vocals, and some flick guitar. The chorus is huge, the sound quality is dynamite, and it is a real swaggering son of a bitch.

“Renegade” has a bit more of a indie/stoner vibe. I refuse to link to any other bands to this, as the band stand alone, but if you listen you will hear them. Reigning Days manage to squeeze every drop of sound from their instruments in an ever building crescendo. I just loved the line “you left my heart like a renegade”. The song also ends on a seriously fuzzed up sound, that batters your eardrums, and leaves you smiling from ear to ear.

“Friendly Fire” is a real quirky one. I could not decide if I liked it, but after a few listens, it grew on me, and stuck like a damed limpet. The song shifts all over the place, but it does work so well… and any song with ‘plonker’ in it has to be good!

“Crazy Horse” has the ultimate lyric of “telling your secret whilst watching soft porn”… classy guys. Reading into the rest of the lyrics, it is based on a pub (and I thought Exeter was all posh and civilised). The song takes a really lazy, laid back feel, kind of like we cannot really be arsed with all this, but it is a great play, and the song picks up and turns into an amazing number. This was a close run second to ‘Empire’ even though the songs are miles apart sonically, and that is what makes this EP so brilliant. Being a debut, it may be the band have not found their definitive sound or direction yet, but I truly hope they keep the diversity in their songs, as it is what makes them stand out.

‘Reigning Days’ is a cracking EP. I agree with all the plaudits this band has been collecting, and I am sure they have a great future ahead. I have no doubt they will be heard extensively on radio, and their names will be on the roster for many rock, metal, and mainstream festivals in the future. Well done guys. An absolute belter!

Review: Ritchie Birnie


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