Interview: Never Found

I managed to catch up with Never Found on their first real tour, supporting Aiden. Find out how the guys are enjoying it below.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak to us, we really appreciate it. “You’re very welcome, thanks for taking the time to chat to us!”

Firstly, Happy New Year. How did you guys celebrate it? Dan: “I had a load of people round my house for a bit of a blow out. I kissed my house mate for new years as a joke and then found him passed out in my bed… think I gave the wrong impression.”

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Dan: “Stop kissing my house mate haha!”

Just to keep it on the holiday theme, can you tell us your best and worst Christmas presents you ever received? James: “My worst was a toothbrush, my best was probably a swiss army knife because I’ve always wanted one” Kieran: “I usually just get lots of money” Sam: “The best and worst present I ever got was a chip fryer, it was the worst because it made me realise I was a grown ass man now, but it was the best because I got chips.”

Okay… on to the serious stuff now. There is one hell of a bill for this tour. Did you know any of the guys beforehand, and how are you getting on so far? Dan: “We’ve known Ashestoangels for years now, we are good friends with them and we’ve played a few shows with Will’s side project, William Control, so we know both bands pretty well. Aiden were a huge influence on me and James growing up and still are, and the tour is a dream come true.”

‘Sorrow And Cyanide’ has been out for over 3 months now, how do you feel it has been received? James: “We were blown away by how well it has been received by people, it’s going really well” Kieran: “We are really thankful that it has been received as well as it has been.”

I am sure you enjoy the whole support band slot, especially on this one but the end game must be to do your own tour. Do you think you are far off from this landmark? James: Not as far as you might think, but nothing we can talk about…yet.

What are the plans for 2016? Do you plan to record new music? Have you been working on new stuff? Dan: “We have just finished working on a new single which we will be shooting a new video for when we get home from tour.” Sam: “We have already started writing sessions for a new record which are going very well.”

What do you find to be the best and worst bits of touring (you can say interviews.. I wont be offended)? Dan: “INTERVIEWS!! No, I’m joking I like interviews. Getting ill has probably been the worst for all of us, I had a cold before we even started, and it hasn’t been easy. As for the best parts, getting to play music we love, to people that care, with our best friends supporting our heroes.” Sam: “The diet is appalling, I’ve gone off service station sandwiches and pizza, it’s really hard to eat healthy while constantly on the move.”

What country or venue would be your dream show? Kieran: “England. Donnington. Download.” Dan: “Yeah, Download would be the dream.”

What milestone do you think you would need to reach to say you had made it in this business? Kieran: “To be able to make a living from nothing but music.” Dan: “Again, playing a main stage at download would be huge achievement, and like Kieran said, to make a stable living on nothing but playing shows and making music.”

Good luck reaching those milestones. Thank you again for your time, and I hope you enjoy the tour, get rid of the cold, get better Christmas presents… and I see you on that Download stage in the not too distant future!

Interview Ritchie Birnie


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