Review: Aiden – Cathouse, Glasgow 18 Jan 16

Giving this farewell show a kick start we saw Never Found take to the stage and unleash fury. For this band, being lucky enough to land on the tour bill with the mighty punk-rock giants Aiden, this is a dream come true to these fellas, considering Aiden are one of their main inspirations and early day listens! Never Found are a four-piece (Daniel Barnes vocals/guitar, Sam Redmayne guitar, James Sweeten bass and Keiran Ivey drums), punk-rock band from Oxford/Bridgend, who formed in 2012 (For fans of Black Veil Brides, Ashestoangels, Snow White’s Poison Bite). Never Found have not long released their debut EP “Sorrow And Cyanide” which dropped on the 31 October 2015.

From the start of Never Found’s set they were very lively and upbeat. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from these guys at first, but they actually pleasantly surprised me… They definitely could hold the stage well and keep the crowd interacting, from dishing out high fives, letting the crowd sing back to them, and getting into the crowd – It got them pretty excited for the acts to come! I felt for Daniel through this set, only three dates in to the tour and he seemed to struggle a bit with a sore throat, but despite that, he still managed to pull off a good performance all in. He reminded me of vocalists such as Kurt Cobain, Lajon Witherspoon and Shaun Morgan… A really strong “husky” rock feel. Overall though, Never Found were a good band to watch – Lively, up-beat, they give a good show, look like they’re enjoying themselves. A band to watch out for in the future!

Next up, the absolutely crazy punk-rockers Ashestoangels took the stage by storm (For fans of Senses Fail, Alesana, Escape The Fate, A Thorn For Every Heart and AFI). Another four-piece outfit (Crilly vocals, Nico bass, Jim drums and Adam guitar) from Bristol, England, who formed in 2009. Ashestoangels have an EP and four albums to their name. They are due to drop their latest album which is as yet untitled in March 2016 and haven’t long released their first single from the record “Find Hell” (You can watch the video HERE.)

Ashestoangels really took me by surprise. These dudes were absolutely nuts! What a stage presence they all held! Probably some of the most intense raw energy I’ve felt from an intimate show. I can’t even just pin-point one member of the band who was crazier than another. They were, simply putting it, pure fucking mental! From jumping into the crowd, to bloody standing on the crowd… extreme carnage! Because of how they performed, they instantly got the crowd on their feet, jumping up and down. It was like a swipe of a match to petrol. Watching Ashestoangels really reminded me of old-skool Avenged Sevenfold, not just their style of play, but their style in general… a very distinctive emo/punk-rock look. I really enjoyed their sound, proper fast-paced, but it had it’s melodies and gripping riffs in there too, alongside the super-controlled energetic vocals, heavy bass tones, and intense drum fills… and mixing in some very heavy breakdowns, all collaborating with each other to make a perfect hellish harmony. At some points of their set, I actually could see them as the headline act, they were that intense. Overall, I really enjoyed their set, definitely a shout to catch them on any tours they announce! Another perfect band to set up for Aiden’s set!

And finally, the moment that we had all been waiting for… the final moments that we all would share with the mighty Aiden, the four-piece punk-rock band from Seattle, WA, USA who formed in 2002, with a large discography of two EP’s, and seven studio albums. Set up for a good time, thanks from Never Found and Ashestoangels, the Glasgow crowd were ready for an emotional ending to a long run of years and great punk-rock records and shows. Aiden took to the stage, and instantly had The Cathouse rocking. The floor vibrating from the riled up Glasgow crowd, the temperature rising from freezing to very sweaty in a matter of minutes… Aiden were on fire this whole set. They were a very lively, humble, and thankful bunch of guys, who made that very clear during their set, thanking the fans for their continuous support through the years, and what they have given them. For Aiden to have been able to accomplish all that they have as a working unit. For their last ever Glasgow show, they definitely left a mark, they gave it their all. I have to say, my favourite moments of the set was firstly; when they played “Die Romantic” (this was the exact moment that the first mosh pit opened up of the whole night… For it being a small intimate show the pits weren’t too shabby if I do say so myself! From singing along, screaming and moshing it was the perfect combination), and secondly, when William demanded the crowd to get over the barrier and join him… Get close, get into the scene, feel the energy! I quote, “this isn’t a Justin Bieber concert, get the fuck over here”. For die-hard fans, I thought this was definitely for them. Thirdly, just the constant thrive of energy William asked of from the crowd, especially when Aiden first came on and after their first song… The crowd were lively, but they weren’t at full potential yet, due to the fact that there were mixed feelings of emotional value involved… I quote, “What the fuck was that? Tame for Glasgow“… Obviously stating a fact, known to thousands of bands, that Glasgow’s a wild night for any band when getting them going… This Glasgow crowd needed a little extra boost to pick up everyone’s spirits – And it worked! And fourthly, when the crowd were at their best the traditional “here we, here we, here we fucking go!” chant happened – It’s an amazing atmosphere when you hear and feel it. In the final moments of the last song, a stage invasion of all of the other bands happened, all getting the chance to preform and have a good time with their idols of many of years… A very heart-warming moment for everybody involved. I was incredibly impressed with the send off the crowd gave the band. Some of the most dedicated fans from all over. At the start of the gig, I met a girl who has been to every tour date so far on this farewell tour, and is continuing to finish the tour herself… An insane amount of dedication and emotion from everyone involved. Aiden’s sound was totally on point, you can literally listen to any of their records then listen to them perform, and they both sound exactly the same. Fast-tempoed, jump around crazy, good fun! Overall a really professional and talented band, and it really is a shame that they are calling it a day. Another good band lost to the scene… Another good punk band lost to the scene… This was Aiden’s last sunrise… William, Ian, Fletcher and Keef… Goodbye and thank you for the memories and the sunshine.

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Review by Carol Black

Images by Ritchie Birnie


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