Marshall Records sign Gen and the Degenerates

Scattered across the northwest, Gen and the Degenerates are known for a loud and full frontal stage performance and now partnering with Marshall Records the band are ready to bring their music to all those prepared to listen. Bringing the grit of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts with the Rock n Roll spirit of The Struts, the band are making a commitment to the sound and music that they’re making, promising to keep it loud, live and with a clear point of view.

Lead singer, Gen Degenerate comments on the signing saying, “We’re proud to have been signed by Marshall Records during one of the toughest years our industry has faced. Marshall is a brand that has been integral to rock music for nearly 60 years and to have that legacy behind us as we look forward to paving the way for a new age of rock n roll is a really exciting place to build from. There’s no stopping us now”.

Alongside the signing the band announce their debut single released on Marshall Records ‘Underwear’ out on streaming April 23rd. The track is a refusal to conform, a voice for the unheard and a statement that represents everything they have to offer, it is available to pre-save, here.

Gen and the Degenerates will be live on Instagram @gensdegenerates at 19:00 (BST, March 30th) to discuss the signing and what else is to come from them in the coming months.

Connect with the band here

About Gen and the Degenerates:

The definition of commitment is getting something tattooed on you, and that’s what Gen and the Degenerates have done. They believe deeply in the beautifully riotous noise they’re making, so much so that the whole band went for matching tattoos. Combining the edge of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts with the rock n roll heart of The Struts, Gen and the Degenerates have a true commitment to the sound of what they’re creating.

It’s this dedication and determination that fuels some of their songs. Most of them meeting through school and college, they then moved to Liverpool and found their “final piece of the puzzle” who came in the form of lead singer Gen. Gen says for the most part it happened when they were drunk: “We used to record rough versions of songs with me stood in a cupboard in Jay’s room with a blanket over my head. It’s the rock’n’roll dream! We accidentally wrote a song and realised we actually might have something here.”

“The pandemic made me realise how many eggs I’ve put in this one basket,” says Gen. “This is my creative outlet, my work, my social life, my best friends, my therapy. It was definitely a scary moment realising how much I’ve put into this… and I wouldn’t change a thing. I just can’t wait to get back to it.”

Jay talks about the pandemic with a positive attitude, “It offered up creative avenues. We’ve written so much material.” Gen interjects excitedly: “and we got signed! In a pandemic! That’s something to always remember.” The band were picked up by Marshall Records, and say it’s a pinch themselves moment. It wasn’t quite the massive party they’d imagined or taking some photos in a nice office, but instead they signed contracts in their bedrooms and drank wine together on Zoom.

Gen comments “We want world domination. That’s a statement of intent.” Tattoos are optional, but Gen and the Degenerates want you as part of the family and they’re not here to mess around. Are you in?

About Marshall Records:

Marshall is more than just an amp manufacturing brand. Marshall is a music brand. Jim Marshall’s passion for music was the driver for all that he achieved. This same motivation is at the heart of Marshall Records. The label supports musicians to create, record, produce and promote their music.

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