Introducing: Danze Macabre

After returning from a lengthy hiatus after legal wranglings and the business of music had taken their toll, Song writing twins Mark Owers (guitar) and Steve Owers (bass), hailing from the south coast of the UK and the driving force behind the formation of Lionsheart in the late 1990s are back with their new outfit, Danze Macabre.

Having proved they had lost none of their talent for writing hard rock songs with a strong melody, the twins decided they were ready to enter the music world again with a new band, The Psychics, back in 2009.

The debut, self-titled album, featuring Steve Owers on vocals, proved the siblings had lost none of their song writing abilities. Released initially in Japan on Marquee/Avalon and elsewhere via the Krescendo label, the album received its fair share of positive critical acclaim.

Buoyed by the warm response by those who welcomed them back into music, Mark and Steve prepared songs for a follow up album; another collection of powerful, hook-laden, anthemic classic rock songs were worked up. However, the thought that it wasn’t exactly how the twins wanted to present their music nagged away in their minds, although they couldn’t quite put their finger on what it was.

In the meantime, the Owers had embarked on what was to be their most challenging and ambitious project to date and a radical departure from their usual modus operandi. As they worked on the material for this project, they realised that a female voice would be needed on some demos, so they asked around their musician friends to help find someone would fit the bill.

They found the right voice. And more.

 Eleanor Montague-Rendell is the daughter of two respected and intentionally renowned opera singers. Already an accomplished performer in her own right, she was asked by Mark and Steve to track a vocal for one of the aforementioned demo tracks.

 While listening to a playback of that demo it became clear in an instant not only what a singer Eleanor is, but also that this was what, and more importantly who, they were looking for; The voice to help deliver their unique brand of powerful yet melodic rock in the best way. The right way.

 The line up was then completed with the addition of powerhouse drummer Danny Pearson highly respected by his peers and the right man to drive the band, and their music, forward.

 It is this line up that is behind the debut release from the band, Jamaica Inn, the stunning video for which can be seen here.


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