Review: OYD (One Year Delay) – Deep Breath

If Metal is truly the music of the disenfranchised, the alienated, and the downtrodden, then Greece must be the proverbial melting pot for young, angry citizens to pick up a guitar and vent, as let’s face it, they have enough hardship to draw upon for inspiration. OYD are just one such band that believed enough in what they were doing to scrape enough together to get to Nashville and record their debut album (co-produced and mixed by Toby Wright, who has previously worked with Alice In Chains, Sevendust, and Korn.”Deep Breath” is the end result.

Refusing to be confined by the restrictions of one sound, OYD run the gamut of every aspect of Metal. “Gunpoint” kicks off with some crushing bass drumming, then turns left for some infectious groove metal, before Orestis Alimonos comes in with vocals that echo Nu Metal titans Linkin Park and Korn. The band change tact and direction numerous times on the track, with even some Grunge inspired echoing vocals thrown in during the chorus. “Headhunters” is more of the same eclectic mix of textures… snarling, venomous vocals give way to some simple clean sounds… the sound of a band that doesn’t want to be confined, but instead a band willing to shake off the shackles and experiment.

“Truth,Dare,Despair” is the lead single from “Deep Breath”, and features some nice shredding from guitarists Nick Koumoundouros and Nick Trimandlilis. OYD sound angry and pissed, but they still manage to reign it in enough to lay down some serious grooves. “Water Under The Bridge” comes with some soaring Cornell-esque vocals, and is one of the quieter moments on the album.

“Miss You” is another change of style and pace A classic hard rock sound with a modern angst-ridden twist to it, whilst “Try To Stay Alive” plants it’s flag firmly in the Nu Metal camp, without resorting to being stuck in the late 90’s. “5M 9K” clocks in at over 7 minutes and closes an impressive debut with shades of Janes Addiction. Shimmering guitars and tortured vocals help make this perhaps the strongest track on “Deep Breath”.

“Deep Breath” is available now through the usual digital media sites. For more information check out:

Review: David Stott


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