E.B & The Deadlights: New Single – ‘Falling Away’

The rising shock rockers hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and were originally conceived by frontman and vocalist Ethan Beatie. Born during the earlier part of 2021, EB & THE DEADLIGHTS soon hit the ground running and gathered a flood of backing and interest. Momentum grew with the release of their mesmerising debut EP, Still See Ghosts, which pulled in vast acclaim for the rampant goth rock combo. The record signaled the birth of the shock rock crew, and the release was bolstered by a slew of theatrical live performances.

As the build continued, EB & THE DEADLIGHTS were asked to open for a number of major acts such as Priest (ex-Ghost) and horror punk legend Doyle from the legendary Misfits. The band have since released their thrilling debut album, Echoes Of A Dreamless Life. The record, which is the band’s best work to date, delivers at every single corner. The album manages to retain the band’s classic shock rock influences such as Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, but the record also infuses a wider scope of inspiration ranging from electronica and punk rock through to alternative.

The band have thrown the rule book out, and in doing so, have created something very special.

“Falling Away was one of the last tracks we wrote for the album. It was definitely tweaked a lot in the studio and progressed quite a bit from our original demo. Musically it’s definitely the most classic rock sounding song on the album mixed with a Rob Zombie style vocal, as well as bringing in a new grunge sound on the chorus that we had never explored before.”

Spotify streaming link https://bit.ly/3LVKTW4

Lyrics by Ethan Beatie
Music by Macaulay Rogers, Maciek Zaworski & Alex Williams

Recorded, mixed & mastered
by Graham Davidson, Half Bap Studios

More information on E.B & The Deadlights, here.


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