New song and video from Ward XVI (ft V from Pulverise)

Pausing briefly from recording their 3rd album, Ward XVI have teamed up with V from Yorkshire-based rap metal beatdown groovers Pulverise to release a cover of Skindred’s song ‘Saying it Now’.

No stranger to Skindred-related mischief following the practical joke that they played on them in Liverpool, Psychoberrie and Ward XVI have followed up with a cover version of ‘Saying it Now’ one of their favourite songs by the Ragga metal band.

“As I’m sure any of Ward XVI will tell you I’m not a fan of performing covers, but this song has great meaning, it has shaped my life as I know it.

As Benji introduced this song some years ago he said never to wait to tell someone you love them and at that moment I made my way through the crowd to Doktor Von Stottenstein and told him I loved him, and that what was the beginning of a wonderful relationship, marriage and family. I initially decided I wanted to cover it vocally but I struggled to find a backing track so I set to work putting down a piano piece. After I’d finished I thought this definitely needs guitar and drums so even though it was initially meant to be a surprise for the Doktor, but I couldn’t have anyone else play guitar on this song.

V is a good friend of ours who we’ve shared the stage with many times and we also have a shared love of Skindred. Anytime I go to comment on their posts online you can guarantee to see a comment from V. I’m a huge fan of Skindred, to the point where we gave our son ‘Benji’ as a middle name but I’d say she still has the edge when it comes to fangirling, so there was nobody else I was going to ask.” – Psychoberrie (Ward XVI).

” “Tell them that you love them while they’re here. Tell them while you got the chance”

You’ve got to have some sort of ice stone cold soul or fortunate enough not to have had any loss for those lyrics not to resonate with you and mean something so deep. “Saying it Now” is an emotional Skindred banger that touched me deeply the moment I heard it. Elevated by hearing it acoustic live at Skindred shows. Imagine standing in the slam pit surrounded by huge beaded pit monsters, all hugging and crying their eyes out to this incredible song! Not a dry eye in the venue! I was delighted (and puzzled how I’d play through a song that makes me cry so hard!) when Ward XVI (awesome band, friends, and musicians) asked me to collaborate on this track with them! It’s turned out so beautifully and hope it resonates with you all. Regret sucks, do the thing now!” – V (Pulverise)

More information on Ward XVI here.

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