TWISTED ILLUSION: New Video – ‘Imitate Me Part 2’

Twisted IllusionWith widespread support stemming from Classic Rock Magazine, Prog, Louder, Emerging Rock Bands, Ramzine, Powerplay Magazine, Great Music Stories, through to HRH Magazine, TWISTED ILLUSION‘s music genuinely engages and thrills. The band have just re-released their newly recorded debut album, Temple of Artifice. The alluring prog-rock crew have also revealed a video for the track, Imitate Me Part 2

TWISTED ILLUSION were formed in Manchester by front man Matt Jones in 2014. Despatching an immensely engrossing sound built around captivating guitar parts, vibrant drums, meticulous arrangements, and powerful vocals, TWISTED ILLUSION’s productivity and level of musicianship are of the highest order. To date, the band have managed to independently cultivate a diehard fan base within the UK and into Europe and the USA. They have sold thousands of albums directly to fans, across five continents and to over twenty countries—all without a label.

Besides releasing Temple of Artifice, the band will unveil The Excite the Light Trilogy, which are three albums harnassing all aspects of the band’s remarkable sound. From gigantic prog-rock epics to short three-minute radio-friendly slab of pop-rock.

Connect with Twisted Illusion, here.


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