Takeaway Thieves: Find My Way Home (Acoustic)

Blackpool based Takeaway Thieves have put their spare time during lockdown to good use and released ‘Find My Way Home’, a haunting acoustic song dealing with the consequence of addiction and the safe haven of home. Written and recorded live primarily for a special Shut in Session which gave subscribers their very own dedicated vinyl master of the song, Find My Way Home is now available on all streaming and download media.

Singer Pete says,

“Find My Way Home is a song warning about how you can get bitten by addiction to sex drugs and RocknRoll, wanting to go home but the allure of the night is making it difficult to return home.”

Shooting the video locally amongst Shipwrecks by the River Wyre Estuary complements the mood of the song and the feeling of isolation those in addiction feel.

TT Guitarist Neil says,

“Home is where the heart is..its where we smell our mothers cooking, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Yet for some people their actions conscientiously prevent them from being able to find their way home.”

Band Website: www.takeawaythieves.com
Email: info@takeawaythieves.com
Management Email: heidi@rockpeoplemanagement.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/takeawaythieves/
Instagram – www.instagram.com/takeawaythieves
Spotify – https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/0pMkpROOW6rJdPFBoB805q
Twitter – www.twitter.com/takeawaythieves


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