SMASH INTO PIECES: New Video – ‘Rise Up’

So last year amidst the pandemic Smash Into Pieces bought out many singles and followed that with their 5th Studio album Arcadia. Well, now they start 2021 afresh bringing you their first single “Rise Up” taken off the band’s 6th Studio album released later in 2021.

The Apocalypse Dj’s struggle to fight and eventually destroy the S4Y, the evil system that through a powerfully transmitted signal called “the siren”, controls every piece of information that reaches people in the Arcadia World. The S4Y makes them slaves without even knowing it and the battle is now continuing…

Since the big explosion, referred to by many arcadians as the Big Bang that broke the S4Y’s transmission control, a few valorous citizens have started to wake up and break free.

The ones that have woken are now forming a resistance known as “smash heads”. To ensure S4Y’s total control over the arcadians, the regime responds in the most brutal way. With the heartless leader “no face” commanding the regime forces and only a small number of smash heads able to lend a hand, the Apoc is fighting an almost impossible battle…

– “The war has just begun. It’s time to make our voices heard and RISE UP” // Apoc!

Join The Apocalypse Dj‘s journey through the ARCADIA world, fighting the evil regime of S4Y as the story now continues…

With a massive track record, consisting of 5 released albums, 22 singles, over 130 million streams on Spotify, and with more than 65 million views on YouTube, Smash Into Pieces have evolved into one of the fastest rising Scandinavian alternative rock bands to this date. 

In Aug 2020 the band released not only an album, they released the beginning of a story that piece by piece through their music videos revealed a world, a digital world, the world of ARCADIA! 

Now the story continues… On the 22nd of January Smash Into Pieces will release the first single (RISE UP) from their up-coming sixth studio album! 

Confirmed for more than 60 live shows in 2021, among others the “worlds collide tour” with the giants in Within Temptation and Evanescence (Sept 2021) the future has never looked brighter for SIP!

Chris Adam Hedman Sorbye – Lead Vocals

Benjamin Jennebo – Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Per Bergquist – Guitar / Bass / Vocals

The Apocalypse DJ (Sultan Of Swing) – Drums

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