Sick N Tired Crow Review

Sick ‘N’ Tired, from Cologne, Germany, began in 2007, originally as a rock band that, for the most part, was doing covers of 80’s hard rock songs. The band went through several changes in their line-up, before starting to work on original material. The line-up now stands as Patrick Rose (vocals/rhythm guitar), Dirk Schäfer (lead guitar), Domingo Terhe (bass), and Deniz Muric (drums).

The album, ‘Crow’ begins with…‘Crow’, which, as soon as it kicked off, caught my attention.

It features careful and well-written guitar, powerful and commanding drums and then smoothed out with some bass and Patrick’s vocals. It intrigued me and wanted to see what else it had to offer; not just the track itself but also the rest of the album, and I have to say that I’m not disappointed.

A song I have to talk about is ‘Better Way’. The mellow introduction, featuring calm guitars, a great way to start the song, then joined by Deniz Muric’s soft drumming and smooth vocals. The song then kicks in for the chorus with everything getting a bit faster, the vocals getting rougher, and the guitars getting heavier. This is short-lived before the song returns to its former soft sound. Towards the end of the song there is an energetic guitar solo, which adds to the track.

Another song I particularly like is ‘Big River’. The track starts off with Dirk Schäfer’s dynamic and precise guitar playing. Once the guitar chills out, and soft drums commence, Patrick comes in with delicate vocals. When the chorus starts, the guitar becomes more clear-cut and rapid with Patrick’s vocals matching, becoming more rugged and coarse. Domingo’s bass continuously supports throughout the song. At the end of the chorus, the song returns to its delicate beginning, before erupting again. As we come close to the end of the song, a sensational guitar solo takes over, ensuring the track stays lively and animated until the end.

Throughout the album, quite a few of their songs follow a similar format, but it works very well, as it keeps them together as pieces of a larger whole, rather than simply a collection of songs.

Sick ‘N’ Tired wear their influences on their sleeve, with nods evident in their music throughout the album. Metallica, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Sour, and particularly in the vocal style, Zakk Wylde.

I think this album is great. Everything comes together and works well in harmony. It doesn’t sound disjointed from one track to the next, it all flows very naturally.

What is it that specifically makes a great album? Is it captivating bass lines? Loud drums? Awesome lyrics? The hooks and melody? Whatever it is, I found all of these on Sick ‘N’ Tired’s album, ‘Crow’, which was released a while ago, but worthy of another push. If you’re more of a rock fan then I highly recommend you check out Sick ’N’ Tired.

Review by Cassandra Jaeger Irving


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