Scardust: Sign To Frontiers Music SRL + New Video ‘Game Of Now’

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Scardust to their roster with the release of their new video, “Game of Now”.

“We are super excited to begin this new Scardust era by joining the home of legends like Yes, Boston, Whitesnake, and the list goes on. We’re kicking off this journey with the release of a new single, alongside our most ambitious video project to this date. Definitely different from anything we’ve done so far, but still got our DNA all over it. Check it out, spread the word, and chant with us. The game is ON!”, says the band.

Scardust, the progressive metal powerhouse known for pushing the boundaries of music and storytelling, is set to captivate audiences once again with their latest visually stunning music video that takes viewers into a world of a futuristic, dystopian live show, where the musicians spotlight moments in front of the crowd are controlled by an algorithm. The soundtrack to “Game of Now” is a sonic masterpiece that weaves together complex melodies, anthemic themes, and thought-provoking lyrics, showcasing Scardust’s signature style, but giving it an unexpected twist.

The track delves into the challenges and struggles faced by social media influencers in the digital age. It explores the relentless pursuit of instant gratification in today’s society, shining a spotlight on the endless cycle that is today’s reality, where influencers are expected to be trendy, but only those who create the trends themselves, get to truly become influencers.

The music video, directed by Noa Gruman and Lahav Levi, is a cinematic masterpiece that brings the song’s themes to life. Set in a dystopian future, the video introduces a cast of characters that includes The Algorithm played by Danny-Ly Ziser, a mysterious figure with a punk-inspired look, and the “Sellout” Influencers (played by band members Yoav, Orr, Aaron, Gal) who are being fully controlled by the algorithm, and the “Assasin” influencer played by Scardust singer, Noa Gruman.

Scardust is:
Noa Gruman – Vocals
Yaov Weinberg – Drums
Orr Didi – Bass
Aaron Friedland – Keyboards
Gal Gabriel – Guitars

Social Media:

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