Whoever thought up Pledge Music needs a damn good hearty handshake,put the control of the music directly into the artists hands,simple but brilliant.Stops the record companies or A&R dudes from asking guys like Lee Richards and Whitfield Crane if they can add 1000 BPM to the music or perhaps go a bit Ed Sheeran or god forbid,James Bay or George Ezra..million selling albums?…Jeez. Pledge Music has enabled bands and artists to make the albums that they want to make and thankfully there was more than enough interest for this album to see the light of day as it is a corker.

Think Alice In Chains – MTV Unplugged and you wouldn’t be that far away from what Richards/Crane sounds like, maybe not as downbeat as Alice In Chains but that same mellow acoustic vibe.Opener “Homeward” has some killer harmonies and very much sets the stall out for the feel of the album, easy going and relaxed fit very much the order of the day.”Everyone” has a slight Beatles-esque mood to it, something that you could imagine Sir Paul strumming along to back in the day.Lead single from the album “Black & White” is a stone cold classic,one of a few tracks to have some electric guitar on it,this has a great effortless vocal performance from Crane over some sweet riffs. Sharing the vocal duties is Mr Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and Slash fame but of course you know who he is,the accompanying video was shot in and around London before moving backstage to Download Festival where some of the performers hold up “Myles Sings Here” signs before the man himself appears,great video,see how many you can spot and look out for Download supremo Andy Copping too.Upon viewing the video for “Black & White”, I’ve got to say that the years have indeed been kind to Whitfield Crane, it’s good to see that all the partying over 25 years or so have not taken their toll. “Waiting On A Prayer” is another standout track, nothing fancy just some simple chords with a rolling,steady drum beat backing up some great vocal harmonies. “Rainy Day” takes it down a notch and has a great acoustic solo mid song, “Don’t Cry For Me” and “World Stand Still” round the album off in fine style with more of the same chilled out blissful sounds.

This was an unexpected gem of an album, it’s not the kind of album that you would stick on before going out to a Cannibal Corpse gig, it won’t get the adrenaline flowing,but when you’re in the mood to switch the world off and open a bottle or two,then this is the perfect album,especially when listened to in one go.Highly recommended and thank you Mr Pledge Music.

Review  by  Dave Stott


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