Review: Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘In Vino Veritas’

We are living in strange times” sings Tyla, in that unmistakable throaty rasp, and when he utters the song title, it comes out like “whoa whoa whoa”, which gives it a cracking hook. ‘Black Confetti’ is the lead single, and not only does it rhyme “razor sharp machete” with black confetti, it has a stonking sax throughout. It’s a ballad of sorts, but the kind of ballad that Nick Cave or Tom Waits would deliver. That sax, mixed with a stunning, atmospheric guitar solo… totally mind blowing! ‘Bloodline’ has a hint of ‘Ballroom Blitz’ to the intro, with a fantastic heavy keyboard and more stunning guitar work. The sound of a bottle being opened welcomes ‘Bottle Of Red’ into this world, and this cheery ode to the grape is most welcome. More sax, and a lovely twanging guitar, it’s light and breezy, and should put a smile on your fizog. ‘Chicago Typewriter’ is full of vivid imagery in the lyrical content, and features a rather nifty howling guitar running throughout the song. ‘I Don’t Love Anyone’ is perhaps the standout moment on the album. A gentle strumming guitar, simple piano, it’s poetic. Nothing fancy at all, just a very strong piece of music. The title track runs it a close second, more poetic balladry, and more of that unique voice. Tyla is Tyla, a maverick, a stunning artist (check out his artwork here) and a poet. Hopefully, he has many more miles in the tank, as this is a fantastic album. ‘In Vito Veritas’ is available now. Tyla has a few live dates lined up for December, find out more information here. Review: Dave    ]]>

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