Review: Hellbound Hearts – ‘One Thirteen’ EP

Hellbound HeartsTake the knack of finding a cracking melody that Ginger Wildheart possesses, add some Brian Fallon/The Gaslight Anthem transatlantic hooks, throw in some Yorkshire grit, and you have Hellbound Hearts. One of those deeply infuriating bands, not because of anything that they have done, no, infuriating because they should really be on rotation on national BBC R***o. They have the uncanny ability (and the material) to crossover into the mainstream without alienating punters who expect their bands to have a little bit of an edge to them.

Take the title track to their latest EP ‘One Thirteen’ for example. A killer Ginger Wildheart-esque guitar intro, deeply dark vocals that draw the listener in and ensnare them, hell, there’s even a sweet galloping guitar break in true Maiden style. All wrapped up with hooks big enough to land Moby Dick’s Da. That clear guitar tone as the song begins to reach its climax – bloody brilliant. Perfect for R***o O*e. Then we have the full-force ferocity of ‘Hearts Are Graveyards’, tailor-made for R***o S*x, the guitar runs throughout make you reach for the volume control and turn it skywards. Ever had R***o S*x on at work? I have. Jesus they play some shite on it, from bands that have been ordained as “edgy” or “punk”, stick on ‘Hearts Are Graveyards’ and that will show them what being edgy without losing any sense of a melody is all about.

‘In None We Trust’ continues the rich vein of form with a (as strange as it sounds) Metallica does The Manics vibe. Vocalist/bassist Danny sounding like a younger, more Northern Jimmy Dean Bradfield, while guitarists Craig and Nathan alternate between crushing riffs and soaring melodies. The man at the back, Lee on drums, he’s keeping them all in check with a simple, pulsating drum sound. The EP ends with the towering ‘The Screaming Of Us’, the track upon which comparisons to The Gaslight Anthem can be made. Crank the sucker up, let the melodies wash over you, and wonder why you haven’t heard it on-the-hour-every-hour. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

‘One Thirteen’ is available to download for £4.99 here, seriously, it’s only £4.99. Catch Hellbound Hearts at Bannermans Edinburgh on November 23rd for their final gig of 2019, details here…..bawbags.

Review – Dave


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