Palace Of the King Release 'It's Been A Long Time Coming'

‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’, out on 8th December on Golden Robot Records. The track hurtles along the rock & roll tracks; think a mix of AC/DC, ’80s hair rockers Poison and early GnR, a radio track at its finest for the 21st century. The group’s singer/ guitarist Tim Henwood says: “Our new single ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’ was actually the last song we recorded for the new album.  We had a bunch of tracks already in the can that had been recorded in between touring, but I felt it would be worth having one more studio session at the end of the They Who Rock tour with Screaming Jets and Baby Animals while we were on a roll and the band was playing so well. So, we headed back to Medici Studios in Geelong (about an hour from Melbourne), set up with me engineering and playing guitar behind the desk and the guys in the live room, and we started jamming on a few ideas Sean (keys/ guitar) and I had been throwing around in our heads. The result was that we captured a great, raw energy and the songs came up awesome. Once I had finished overdubs we sent it off to Machine (Clutch, Lamb Of God) for mixing and it’s sounding killer! I can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the album.” Biography Formed in late 2012, Palace Of The King – nameless at that point – quickly recorded a 3 track demo and developed the vision of a blues-infused rock and roll band. Far from a grave-robbing retro trip, Palace Of The King has just as much in common with Rival Sons, Graveyard & Jack White as they do Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath & Deep Purple. Remember when bands released an album a year and toured ’til the wheels fell off the tour van? Having spent their formative years storming stages in every corner of Australia – alongside bands as varied as Airbourne and The Tea Party – and priming themselves for an international assault, Palace Of The King took their finely-honed live show through Europe in October 2015. Armed with 2 EPs, a full-length vinyl LP and a second full length studio album; this is a band that has earned their stripes and
wear them with pride. “Palace Of The King is literally like a huge ground shaking Palace of RIFFS, SOUL and Rock’n’Roll.” comments Joel O’Keeffe, lead singer and guitarist of Airbourne. “With more hooks and lines than a hard working Bering Sea fishing fleet they are guaranteed to tangle you up, reel you in and blow you away with their unique six- stringing, soul singing, sexy stomping Rock’n’Roll! They are the real fuckin’ deal ! Crank up POTK!” In 2015, it was time for the White Bird to take flight. From three minute funk-infused rockers through to seven minute Sabbath-esque crushers, Palace Of The King seized the opportunity to explore every intricate corner of their influences and craft a debut album that caught a band at a point where ‘scratching the surface’ wasn’t nearly enough. In 2016 the band unveiled Valles Marineris on 15th July 2016 (Europe/ UK), Valles Marineris deepened Palace Of The King’s footprint on the international rock music scene by expanding on the “raw, energetic, imaginative and boundary-pushing” (Dedicated Rocker Society) qualities of their debut through an all- new 10 track collection of blues and psych-infused hard rock. Lead by the bruising gospel-tinged riffathon of ‘Let The Blood Run Free’, Valles Marineris is both eclectic and unrelenting right through to the final eerie piano fadeout of album closer ‘Into The Black’. In support of the Valles Marineris album POTK toured constantly throughout 2016/17 covering Europe as headliners and as guest with Airbourne, hitting America for the second time and multiple laps of Auatralia as headline act and also as guests with The Angels, Baby Animals and the Screaming jets. The ‘freight train’ metaphor may be overused. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one that is better-suited to a band that has played constantly, released a mountain of music and expanded their markets at such a prolific rate. With extensive tour dates in Australia, USA and Europe, 2016/17 has been Palace Of The King’s most productive year to date. New album ‘Get Right With Your Maker’ will be released on Golden Robot Records. Palace Of The King are: Tim Henwood – Vocals/Guitar // Sean Johnston – Keys/Guitar // Travis Dragani – Drums // Anthony Licciardi – Bass More information here]]>

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