Review: Mind Set A Threat – Studio 24, Edinburgh

Kicking off Mind Set A Threat’s final gig were Eve, The Betrayer the 4 piece Edinburgh-metalcore band who formed in 2013, who have not long released their EP “The Harlot, The Liar, The Preacher” this year, and the second support act Lifelines, Glasgow’s 5 piece hardcore band who formed in 2012, who have released one EP “In Presents Wake”, which was released in 2013, and have released their latest single “Mirrors” in late 2014 from their upcoming record, expected to drop in 2016. Both have their EPs available for free download from their respective BandCamp pages, and tonight, both braved the highly testosterone-filled Edinburgh metal fan crowd, warming up the crowd very, very nicely…

Next up, Edinburgh’s dark, dark, experimental metal band Islasorna. The 5 piece metal outfit consisting of Justin (vocals), Dean (guitar), Jamie (guitar), Kieran (bass), and Michael (drums). Islasorna only formed in 2014, but they have already accomplished quite a lot… From playing countless shows, to being recognized, to writing and releasing their EP “E.D.E.N”, releasing videos for “Deadweight” and “428”, getting back into writing and recording, and releasing their first single from their next record “Faceless”, and finally, supporting Mind Set A Threat on their final show as a band.

One thing reassured from watching Islasorna’s set… they are HEAVY AS BALLS! Incredibly talented musicians, they really took me by surprise on just how great they were! I mean, I was expecting good… but great? They blew me away. They were well rehearsed, hard-working and I could feel the love for the scene! Islasorna’s stage presence was full on brutal, such a strong stance, and had no fear what-so-ever. For how heavy they were, they still had a profound interaction with the crowd – Memorably, was when vocalist Justin entered the crowd with his mic stand and took the show from there. Mosh pits around him, heavyyyyyyyyy! The crowd really kicked off when Islasorna played “428” from their EP “E.D.E.N”. It’s such a heavy track, but so technically melodical! I really can’t fault anything about the sound. The whole band really impressed, as a whole, but especially with this track. The vocal talents are at the top of their game – Strong heights, extreme lows, strong pig-squeals and how quick Justin could lyrically spit. I mean holy shit… Truthfully, the vocal talents really drew me in. Very, very good. Overall, Islasorna are absolute sheer quality. Everyone, I strongly suggest you to check these guys out!

Onto the main for support act, Edinburgh’s finest pop-punk band Yeah Detroit. Managed by Gary Anderson, who funnily enough is Mind Set A Threat’s drummer, his sadly too was Yeah Detroit’s last ever show. YD have decided to call it a day on the simple fact that there lies bigger and better prospects ahead of them with different musical adventures. YD have had a great run, have met numerous different people during their years of service as a band, made some great friends, and have been fortunate enough to travel different places, including travelling across Europe with German hardcore band Early Grey on their own headline tour “European Summer Tour 2015”

Watching Yeah Detroit’s last ever show was an emotional one for the fans, but like any good old pop-punk band, they kept it strictly loose and gave everyone the best show of their lives. I felt the urge to fling beach balls and inflatable dinosaurs around the room with these guys… Through their sound, you can see their love for the genre and how brilliant they are at it, with clean, catchy choruses, those gnarly pop-punk vocals, those riffs and baselines, and of course the fast-paced drum rhythms! Their set was a perfect one to bring Yeah Detroit to and end. Even though Yeah Detroit have called it quits, YO, DEAD DETROIT, This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out for future musical projects and endeavours, because potentially big things could be happening there. The possibility of a new band forming under the name of Woes, with collaborated work with Seb Barlow (brother of Ben Barlow of Neck Deep), and a high possibility of new everything landing in Spring of 2016… With this much talent, they are all people to watch out for in the future! And remember, even though this era is over… Yeah Detroit are now Dead Detroit… Please don’t stop listening to them!

Edinburgh City’s finest metalcore giants, Mind Set A Threat, have, with great sadness, decided to call it a day. From forming way back in 2006, starting off playing covers in Adam’s garage, and a few line-up changes along the way, to playing hundreds of shows across the UK and Europe, touring and playing with some of metals well known bands, such as Bleed From Within, Glamour Of The Kill, Yashin, Napoleon, While She Sleeps, Demoraliser and Attack Attack (USA), writing and releasing 3 EP’s “The Losing Game”, “Self-titled” and their latest release “The March Of The Hopeless”. With current band members David Livingstone (vocals), Adam Gardner (guitar and vocals), Luke Bovill, Rory Gault-Gordon (bass) and Gary Anderson (drums), Mind Set A Threat are known for their single “Stories”, and their latest single “The Search”.

Having seen Mind Set A Threat many times before, I knew, before even setting foot into the venue, that they were going to blow the roof off of Studio 24. So professionally set out and practised, they were 110% READY for this show, and they totally destroyed it, with band members crowd surfing, performing in the crow, moshing, head-banging, standing on the monitors, and even having a toast on stage to each other and their most loyal fans. Kicking off their set with “The Odyssey” (one of my favourites), heavy, catchy, but with heart-felt lyrics. A solid opener. Then moving onto “John Doe”, one of Mind Set A Threat’s heavier tracks. Then onto a string of their newest tracks “Bricks”, “The Search”, “Monochrome”, “5.2” and their latest album title track… “The March Of The Hopeless”- highly anticipated by everyone there to see live for the first and final time. I’m struggling to find words to describe how good they were… But then maybe a loss of words speaks a million? “The Search” got the crowd really going, with singing and lots of movement! One of the highly awaited tracks to see live, “5.2”. Everything just went totally nuts! Chaos from the off… Pits opened up, hardcore dancing, heavy moshing, crowd surfing, walls of death… Such a heavy, fast-paced track, you wouldn’t expect anything less really! Closing in on the final seconds of this final chapter, Mind Set A Threat played their favourite track from their last EP. Probably the most melodic track from the EP, and most definitely with most meaning… “Stand with us the time is done for talk, this is the march of the hopeless…” – The Mind Set A Threat loyals will continue to march on! In the dying minutes, Mind Set A Threat finalized this end of an era with their most popular track “Stories”. The lyrics tell the whole story “They’d tell some stories, if these walls could talk“. An emotional ending to a great band. If you managed to catch Mind Set A Threat, then you will understand what I am saying.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Mind Set A Threat have been a valued band in the Edinburgh Metal Scene, and will continue to be through the years that now pass… so many are the contributions made by this band. It is a sad day for Edinburgh City’s metal scene. Don’t worry if you Mind Set A Threat fans are really taking this hard though… I’m more than certain that these guys will continue to make music. Some may even have other things lined up on the horizon… So make sure you stay tuned. All in all, perfect show for a perfect ending. Thank you Mind Set A Threat.

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