Introducing: Vyce Versa

Vyce Versa is a new band recently formed by Rhandy DeGarmo (bass and vocals) and Ricky Elam (lead vocals). Debut single ‘Life is Temporary’ has recently been released and we spoke to Rhandy about all things Vyce Versa related, and if the surname seems familiar, Rhandy is the nephew of Queensryche legend Chris DeGarmo. Great to have you onboard Rhandy!

What are the origins of the band, how long have you been together?

We formed last October after I left the current metal band that I was in. I was fed up with metal music. I felt that it had taken me as far as I could. And I wanted to make music with melody that resonated with humans and emotion.

How was it playing your first gig?

Playing our first show was incredible, the fans were absolutely incredible. The emotion was insane. The lights and the excitement of everyone made it a night I’ll never forget. Playing shows is honestly the best part about being in a band!

What should the fans expect when they see your band?

When people see us there should be prepared to let go. Let go of all of the stress of their daily lives and be ready for a night out of enjoyment. We bring so much energy to the stage, it’s what we take pride in the most. If we can give a young fan an opportunity to take his anger out on the floor and not at his school the next day with a weapon perhaps, then I feel like we’ve done our job as a musician and has a band.

How are you different from other bands?

I think for one what stands out the most is the fact that we don’t scream. We also put a lot of emotion into our music. A lot of bands go in the studio write albums and move on and you can see it in their stage presence. I refuse to be that band. I refuse to let that my band be that band.

What are you currently working on?

We actually just finished our debut album! It will be out this fall. And we are so excited! It was produced and recorded by Jacob Miles, and he did an incredible job. I would highly recommend anyone go to him if you want your pure sound created…

What bands would you feel best touring with?

With our current sound and energy, I feel like we would be best suited to take the stage and open up for bands like Sleeping With Sirens or bands like Our Last Night. We follow along the same kind of styles of Our Last Night, we would tour with them perfectly. We listen to a lot of music collectively around the band but we find ourselves being a power-pop band along the lines of Story Of The Year or Yellow Card.

Who do you feel is the next band to break out?

That’s simple. Us. You want to feel like you were the next greatest. You want to feel like you are next. We’ve given our all to be where we are. And we feel like we should be next. When you own a sports football team and you ask your quarterback who is the best quarterback of the league!? You want him to see himself right?! Same difference. I believe we are.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2020?

Well unfortunately 2020, put a huge dent in a lot of plans across the nation for many bands. Right now my plans for the rest of the year are; just stay safe, make sure my band and my family are safe, and to make sure that we can do the most we can around the community to make sure it stays safe as well. Music will come back. We will be back on stage in no time. Right now we need to just take care of each other

Thank you guys so much for having me! It means the world to me! Would love to come back anytime!

Connect with Vyce Versa here.

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