Introducing BornBroken

BornBroken was formed with one simple mission in mind: Help the masses find a voice, a face, an “X” that marks the spot through the sounds of beating skins, metal strings and broken chords. BornBroken recently announced their new line up featuring extreme vocalist Jeff Boisvert and drummer Steve Burns

After months of writing and hours spent in the studio, BornBroken managed to take every emotion they felt, put it to music, build off of past battle scars and create a record where listeners will feel they are part of the storyline.

On their debut album, ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’, BornBroken play out not only what life has given them but also what they want to give back: truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality.

The debut album, was released in June 2013. The album was fan voted as Album of The Week (June 10th, 2013) on Revolver Magazine, along with debuting #8 on Canadian College Loud Charts. BornBroken was also named one of the best unsigned Heavy Metal Bands for June 2013 by Drago’s Dungeon.

They have also received great admiration from Yell Magazine! quoting ‘This is a debut metal album of epic proportions. If it’s not the Canadian metal album of the year, it’s certainly in the running for Canadian debut metal album.’

‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ is now streaming at the following link.

‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ is nominated for Metal Album of The Year at the 2014 GAMIQ Awards (Gala Alternatif de la Musique Indépendante du Québec)The GAMIQ’s will be taking place on November 30th at Theatre Plaza.

Guitarist Mike Decker comments:

“To be able to do what you love is reward enough. For people to buy and like your music is even more special. To be nominated for one of the best Quebec metal albums in 2014 is more then we could ask for. It was not our intention to do anything but to put out a CD that was true to ourselves and music that we would want to listen to. After 2 years in studio self producing/printing/packaging and finding the best possible people to side ourselves with for promotion and press, we did it. It has been anything but simple, but nothing that you love truly comes easy. The reward, if any, is that much more meaningful in the end. We wish the best of luck to the other nominees and will push the limits only further on our future endeavors. To our fans we say thank you, Stay Real, Stay Strong and do not let that light of yours burn less bright, as you never know when yours will lead the way.”

Physical copies of the album plus comic illustrated booklet can be ordered HERE.

Album Line Up:

Simon Savard – Guitar

Jesus Salazar – Vocals

Tommy Vaillancourt – Bass

Mike Decker – Guitar

Brian Craig – Drums

Track Listing: The Healing Powers of Hate

Can’t Quiet The Riot

Old News

Anger of The Day

I Will Rise


It Has Begun

Birth of The Broken

Bleed The Sky

Reborn From The Ashes

The Healing Powers of Hate

Photo credit: Eric Sanchez

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