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Can we begin by getting some background on Gabriel And The Apocalypse? How long have you been together, and where did you all meet?Lindy: “We had several different versions of Gabriel and The Apocalypse over several years but in 2011 is when we found our niche when we became the band we were meant to be.” ‘The Ghost Parade’ is your first release with Pavement Entertainment, but I believe that there were a few independent releases before this?Jake: “Yes, ‘new World disAsteR’ (2011) was our world debut as a full length album. Then we released a 4 song EP ‘Everything Is Red’ in 2014 which was included in ‘The Ghost Parade’ under Pavement.” Was it difficult for you to go from being independent to signing with a label? Were you concerned about potentially having to meet someone halfway when it came to how they perceived Gabriel And The Apocalypse? Jake: “I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Tim and the label believe in us, and they let us do Gabriel And The Apocalypse the way we perceive it to be. They have been fully supportive in everything we have done together.” Lindy: “In the past, we have turned down labels because they wanted to change who we are. When Pavement came to us, they said they didn’t want to change anything about us, that they loved what we did, and we had 100% control of all aspects of our art. That’s why we decided to go with Pavement. They understand our version.” Did having Tim [King, from SOiL] on board as A&R at Pavement play a part in you signing? Someone who has been there and done it? Jake: “Tim was responsible for signing Gabriel And The Apocalypse. He loves the band, and when he saw we were looking for a label, the wheels started turning with us and Pavement… and yes, Tim’s experience on both sides of the industry, with the label, and actually playing in bands, is a big bonus. He knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence.” ‘The Ghost Parade’ is a fantastically varied album. ‘March Of The Dolls’, ‘Thrill Of The Kill’, and ‘Beauty Under Glass’ are full throttle, but then there is the subtlety of ‘Behind The Sun’. It also seems quite a personal album. Lindy: “I would have to say, lyrically this is the most personal, honest, and raw I have ever allowed myself to be. I wanted to make a record that had passion, something I feel newer mainstream music lacks.” ‘Colour Of Winter’ is one of the tracks that I keep on coming back to. It’s a slow burning six minutes that creeps into the listener’s psyche… almost unsettling in places, like the listener is intruding. What’s the story behind the song? Lindy: “The song is about me continuously trying to help and save a person that is very dear to me from his drug addiction. Putting so much of my love and energy into it that I became numb and emotionally exhausted… coming to the painful realization that I couldn’t save this person. Basically, having to walk away from the situation because it wasn’t healthy for me. ‘Sinking into the void. I’ve been floating here, waiting here too long.” In places, there seems to be a British influence on the album. Depeche Mode, in particular, played a major part in the evolution of so many industrial bands. Are you hoping that they announce some US dates soon? Jake: “I love Depeche Mode. Definitely one of my favorites! Hope they tour the US, or put new music out soon! I love many British bands, from PJ Harvey, to Radiohead, Massive Attack, and DM.” Lindy: “PJ Harvey is my favourite female vocalist! I have only recently got into DM because of Jake. I really enjoy the synth work and harmonies.” I need to make the Manson comparison. The imagery might say ‘Marilyn’, but the vocal style to me is more ‘Shirley’… alluring, fragile, gritty, and with heaps of attitude. Anything there, or am I way off target? Lindy: “You’re definitely on target. All of the music I listen to, and inspired by, came out in the late 80’s and 90’s. 90’s rock/metal/industrial music is sincere to me. It’s not over polished. You can feel the emotion. You can feel the anger.” Gabriel And The Apocalypse recently played some dates with Wednesday 13. What lessons do you take away from an experience like that? Also, have you ever had any bad experiences when opening for a more established act? Jake: “I think there are always lessons to be learned from any act that does something well. Wednesday 13 was no exception. Their pro attitude, creative and powerful stage performances, and consistently killing it every night, city to city.” When you are on stage, can you block out the people filming on their phones? The reason I ask is that I’ve just watched a YouTube video of one of your live shows, the entire set, and I was screaming at the dude… “Just put your fucking phone down and enjoy the gig!”. Jake: “It doesn’t really bother me, honestly. I think it’s more ways to bring exposure to the band by sharing their videos with their friends.” Lindy: “Yes, it helps with exposure, but I am kinda old school, and wish people would put their phones down and live in the moment. Capturing a few photos or a song on video is cool, but watching the entire show through your phone is kinda extreme.” As a writer and lyricist, how much has the current state of American politics affected your writing? Lindy: “It has effected it greatly. One of the last songs I had to write lyrics for on “The Ghost Parade” is exactly that. It so happens to be the title track. I stay informed, and have been really fueled by American politics. I see the next record going in that direction.” ‘Beauty Under Glass’ has an incredible video to go with it, creepy as hell, but enjoyable! What can you tell us about the latest one that you’ve just finished filming? Lindy: “With this video, I wanted to make a valuable statement. It has a message, and will encourage people to look at themselves. We mix sexy, with scary, with information. I believe this will be our best video yet.” Finally, what are your plans for 2017? “We will be releasing a new single and video and getting back on the road, stay tuned to Gabriel And The Apocalypse!”  Thanks again for your time. Have a great 2017! Interview: Dave Stott  

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