ERIC13 Releases Video for "DEVIL'S HIGHWAY"

ERIC13 of COMBICHRIST Releases Official Video for New Single “DEVIL’S HIGHWAY”

European and US Dates Announced for DEVIL’S HIGHWAY WORLD TOUR

ERIC13 (guitarist of COMBICHRIST, singer of SEX SLAVES) has released the Official Music Video for his solo single “DEVIL’S HIGHWAY” (WURMgroup), “DEVIL’S HIGHWAY”, filmed on the back roads connecting Philadelphia to the New Jersey shore, was self-directed and filmed by ERIC13 and edited by Eric Bower. The single itself features Ashley Dzerigian (Filter, Ceelo Green, Adam Lambert) on bass and Chris Reeve (Filter, session work for Combichrist) on drums.

After writing about 50 rock and outlaw country songs in the last few years, I was yearning for new inspiration. I had experienced so much change in my life, and for better or worse, I looked in the mirror to face things about myself I hadn’t previously been willing to face. My new songs finally address those demons and intensely personal situations and I’ve never felt stronger or more confident with my song writing. “DEVIL’S HIGHWAY” marks the beginning of a new era in my music, and this video a desire to develop the stories even more.

Making this video was an absolute blast. I love to create new characters, dive into fantasy worlds and craft elaborate back stories. So once I found “THE SPOT”, where I did the majority of the filming, (the dilapidated house and ‘path to nowhere’) the story and scenes revealed themselves. With every shot I was uncovering this swampy underworld where I could simultaneously bury my secrets and dig up the truth.” – ERIC13


DEVIL’S HIGHWAY WORLD TOUR 07/12 @ Chaos Crew Tattoo Shop – Munich, Germany 07/13 @ Rattle House – Bruckmuhl, Germany 07/14 @ DNA – Regensburg, Germany 07/15 @ British Corner Motorcycle Club – Ruthi, Switzerland 08/04 @ Three of Cups – New York, NY 08/05 @ The Tusk – Philadelphia, PA 08/18 @ Malmo Festivalen Rock Stage – Malmo, Sweden 08/19 @ Rockbaten, Helsinborg Sweden 08/26 @ Markbar – Copenhagen, Denmark 08/27 @ Harvest Festival – Vordinborg, Denmark With Combichrist 07/22 @ Traffic Live Club – Rome, Italy 07/23 @ Rock Planet – Cervia, Italy 07/24 @ Deichbrand Festival – Nordholz, Germany 08/14 @ Mera Luna Festival – Hildesheim, Germany 09/24 @ Ozzfest meets Knotfest – San Marino, CA


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