Combichrist: Release Lyric Video For 'Skullcrusher'

“I finally feel like we came full circle with this album, considering we’re all from the punk rock, hardcore and metal backgrounds. After 10 years of electronica in the studio and a full live band, I feel like I captured the live sound and energy. Every style of music that I have done through the last 25 years has some kind of presence on this album” Initially cutting his teeth in the seminal Norwegian hardcore bands My Right Choice and Lash Out, Combichrist founder and vocalist Andy LaPlegua segued out of that scene into the electronic music world with Icon Of Coil. It wasn’t until 2003 that LaPlegua founded Combichrist – the project that would soon dominate his time. A departure from IOC’s futurepop sound, Combichrist took LaPlegua’s hardcore past and electronica present and merged them into a singular, mechanical music monster. Since releasing the first album ‘The Joy of Gunz’, LaPlegua and Combichrist have unleashed six subsequent full-lengths, including 2014’s ‘We Love You’, and numerous EPs while also cracking Billboard’s Top 10 Dance Singles chart. Following the release of 2011’s ‘Making Monsters’, they promoted it loudly by accompanying German friends Rammstein on an International stadium tour, expanding their audience even further. LaPlegua was also commissioned to write the battle music for the Ninja Theory/CapCom videogame DmC: Devil May Cry, resulting in over 20 tracks, many of which appeared on the soundtrack album, Combichrist’s sixth studio release, ‘No Redemption’. Combichrist is: Andy LaPlegua – vocals Joe Letz – drums Eric 13 – guitar Brent Ashley – bass Nick Rossi – drums

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