Photo Gallery: Collateral @Nozfest

“Getting bigger every time I see them (in terms of the number of band members, now with keys and a second guitar to add depth and maturity to the sound) and just more and more polished, Collateral blew me away yet again. Now if you were to list what you need to be successful it is hard to see why these guys shouldn’t be absolutely massive:

Image – Check
Looks – Check
Songwriting – Check
Musical ability – Check
Pure “IT” appeal – Check

It always feels that I am watching a stadium band in their infancy when I see Collateral play, whatever size the stage and setting, and both at Steelhouse and here at Nozfest they are keeping the momentum going and taking the whole crowd with them. Angelo Tristan is clearly born to be a frontman. I follow his Facebook feed and his anger and frustration at being denied the chance to follow his calling for the last year or so has been keenly felt. It isn’t just the Angelo show though. Every time Todd Winger takes the spotlight the solos are melodic but intricate and the constant driving rhythm behind every song means nobody gets any rest whatsoever. A huge reaction from the crowd to a set that includes an opener as strong as ‘Mr. Big Shot’ through an all killer no filler setlist, to closer ‘Lullaby’, and cements another step on the ladder.”

Review & images – Rob Wilkins



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