Bull-Riff Stampede: New Album Pledge Music Offers

British thrash metal four-piece, Bull-Riff Stampede, follow up their debut album ‘Scatter The Ground’ with the eagerly awaited
sophomore album ‘Enraging The Beast’ this July.
 Featuring ten brand new tracks, this new album promises to intensify the Bull-Riff Stampede sonic experience. Honing the savergery of their first release and the ferocity of the band’s live show, ‘Enraging The Beast’ is a potent collection of hard and heavy music; dark, fast, heavy, and varied: the new songs will satisfy fans of sledgehammer thrash and death metal. For the new album, Bull-Riff Stampede have teamed up with Pledge Music to offer a limited number of exclusives to accompany this release, including:
. Limited edition digipak, features exclusive cover art different to the general release. The first 100 of these will be numbered and are black disc versions.
. Exclusive ‘Enraging The Beast’ t-shirt, badge and patch CD bundles.
. Rare mixes and unheard demos from the debut album ‘Scatter The Ground.
. All pledgers will receive the album digitally a month prior to the official release on 13th July 2016.
Bull-Riff Stampede burst onto the metal scene in 2011 with their debut album ‘Scatter The Ground’, and immediately made an impact with their ferocious take on thrash metal. Metal Hammer Magazine called the band  “a new level of hostility””, with Terrorizer Magazine praising Bull-Riff Stampede as a powerful blend of furious thrash with the angriest death metal ferocity.”
Following live performances at Download Festival, Bloodstock Festival, Wacken Open Air, Hammerfest, and Headbangers Balls, plus support to the likes of Sylosis, Sepultura, Evile, Onslaught, Beholder, Evil Scarecrow, Grand Magus, Lawnmower Deth, Xentrix, and more; Bull-Riff Stampede have an abundance of experience under their belt, and now they’ve produced one of the best thrash albums you’ll hear this year.
‘Enraging The Beast’ was co-produced by Gabriele Ravaglia and Bull-Riff Stampede, and mixed and mastered at Fear Studio, Ravenna in Italy by Gabriele Ravaglia. Original cover artwork by David Mancini at Dartworks Drawstroy.
1. Enraging The Beast
2. Mindless Heresy
3. Dawn Of Disease
4. 4125
5. Devoid Of Pretension
6. Pieces Of Hate
7. Bite The Nail (Reborn)
8. Bloodchild
9. System Shocker 10. Lone Ember

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