Review: Altered Sky – G2, Glasgow

Its Altered Sky’s homecoming gig in Glasgow, it’s April fools day…what on earth could go wrong?

Due to doing two gigs tonight I did not get to see any of the support bands, so I apologise to these guys up front. I did have a chat with Altered Sky earlier on in the night so keep your eyes peeled on DGM for the interview, which had a very quiet Amy and beauty tips from Ryan. One of the first things I asked the band members off camera was how is the tour going and the answer I got was brilliant, been so smooth, not one issue….and in my head I am screaming why did you say that? The hex was set. But, before I get to the problem on the night, I need to touch on how I see these youngsters progressing.

It amazes me that I only heard of this band from my hometown last year and since then I have caught them live in electric or acoustic form four times. You would not think a band could grow when you see them so often but that is not the case. I first saw Altered Sky in this same venue and their album was not even out. I had no expectations but that night I was lured in by the catchy songs, the solid playing and the pocket dynamite that is Ana. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she whirled and popped all over that stage; sorry to say but the rest of the band took a backseat that night. I then had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Without Wonderland’ and realised that this is a band with a long road ahead of them. I have played this album many, many times, the last being the night before this gig. For a debut full length it has everything and the songs are expertly composed and range from full on to almost operatic. Listening to the album at leisure was also a chance to focus on the rest of the band and these guys rock out without a doubt. There is not one moment of weakness on it. I was also lucky enough to see the whole thing played in full on the acoustic pulp tour. It was funny seeing Ana not moving but once again you got to see the strength of the songs, Amy’s voice and the three R’s in all their professional glory.

Which leads me back to tonight. The full electric show, the Ana we know and love let loose, and a free and confident band. Ross out front, Richard jumping and whirling around and Ryan strutting atop the speakers in all his glory. These tours have gelled the band and a nicer bunch of people you cannot hope to meet. The show itself was made up of all my favourites predominantly from ‘Without Wonderland’ as you would expect. Everything went like clockwork until three songs from the end. Ross’s bass just cut out(serves him right for hogging a spotlight for once…get back in the corner). We had a number of people on stage trying to sort it. Cooper didn’t quite manage his alter ego of John Cena’s catchphrase of ” You can’t see me” but after some fiddling and a change of bass we were back in action…and Ana and Ryan did a good job of impromptu time filling.

I always believe you see the real person in adversity and the band took it in their stride, they laughed and joked. Disaster was averted. I had a look on social pages afterwards and there wasn’t even a mention of it. All we got was people saying how good the show was. So they picked up where they left off and closed the set with the brilliant “Waves” and “Bury It All” and the fans were in heaven. I know the Glasgow show is close to the band’s hearts and I am so glad it all panned out and I am now waiting on an email popping through my mailbox to tell me when the next tour is.

This band never fails to deliver!

Review and images Ritchie Birnie

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