We Review The Self Titled Offering From Meat Train

Meat Train


Meat Train are a four-piece grindcore / death / thrash outfit from London who formed in 2011 with one main mission in mind: to create a heavy British sound. A heavy sound is something the four members certainly achieve; between the dominating screams of Mike Pearson, Chas Fenoughty and Pearson’s heavy guitar riffs, Iki Dredgwood’s powerful bass and Stuart Songhurst’s mighty drumming. The band all work well together, each person’s component proving vital to each song, and as such, they show great potential as a metal band.

My favourite track on this album is Zombie Strippers Must Die. The electronic introduction reminds me of Rob Zombie and the powerful drumming within makes me feel as though this song would kill live. The timing changes in this are well executed and the riffs are lively; proving plenty of opportunity to head bang.

My other favourite on the album is Closer. The electro introduction in this combined with outstanding bass in the beginning is very effective at grabbing attention. I’d like to hear more material like this from Meat Train.

Overall I get the impression from this album that the members of Meat Train are passionate about metal and are talented musicians. I feel that the production on this album really lets the band down, though, as lyrics come across as quite muffled a lot of the time and it’s hard to appreciate all the various musical elements taking place when they can’t really be heard. It also feels like the band should have taken more time over writing this album; like perhaps they were too enthusiastic about trying to include certain solos without giving them the space in the songs that they deserved.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this band is bad at all. I’m saying I don’t think this album entirely showcases the member’s talents and that I look forward to seeing what they do in the future. I also think they would be very entertaining live.

Review By Eileen Bate