Vambo: Release Live Version Of ‘Burn’

“We love bands like Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Mountain… but it’s a long list, and although we’re very much inspired by the music of the 70’s we don’t want to live there.” – Jack Styles

— Dave Ling – Classic Rock magazine

South Londoners Vambo are pleased to release their much loved live rendition of Deep Purple’s classic ‘Burn’ – packed with raw energy from their legendary live shows.

“If you’ve ever been to our show then you’ll know we simply bleed Deep Purple – since Dave Ling at Classic Rock referenced it we thought it was ’bout time to release the recording of the live performance!”

When Dave told us we’re getting our mug in the magazine we lost our sh*t – collectively been reading Classic Rock since forever. After getting a strong 8/10 review from them on the debut album we’re so buzzed to get a page spread and talk about the band.

“I’m torn between the Deep Purple albums ‘Machine Head’ & ‘Burn’, but David Coverdale is one of my idols so i must pick ‘Burn.”

“Its title track was the first cover that we ever did, and we still include it in our live set. that song holds such significant value to Vambo, it’s influenced us in a lot of ways.”

Stream/play ‘Burn’ here.

Vambo’s inspiration stems back to the hard rock of the 70’s, at the same time they remain contemporary in both songwriting and recording.

Their material is organic, dynamic and overflowing with raw energy and power, reflecting the outstanding musicality within the band. great, original rock music performed by 4 musicians of the highest calibre:

Jack Styles – vox: a compelling stage presence with an undeniable centre stage magnetism, a powerhouse voice and range to match.

Pete Lance – guitar: a captivating performer coupled with outstanding playing skills.

Steve Price – drums: a superb technician, the driving force behind the power and the subtleties that are Vambo trademarks.

James Scott – bass: an excellent musician, his fluid and imaginative lines underpin every Vambo performance adding energy, quality and depth.

Connect with Vambo here.

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