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Review: Cornwall Rocks – Day Three

Massive Wagons, Cornwall Rocks

With some trepidation we opened the doors on Sunday, but there were no worries. The M5 was flowing sweetly and we were on track for an on time start. Opening what was, in my opinion before and certainly most people’s afterwards, the strongest of the three days were Western Sand …

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Review: Cornwall Rocks – Day Two

Diamond Head, Cornwall Rocks

A comfortable night in our caravan and then a good cooked breakfast (the quality, variety and price of both food and beer was definitely a plus at Tencreek) to set up for the second day (and being completely honest, possibly the weaker of the three days in terms of headliners …

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Review: Cornwall Rocks – Day One

The Quireboys, Cornwall Rocks

Not that many bands make it over the Tamar into Cornwall. The “Rockin by the River” lineups are slowly changing that and there is a growing scene based in St Austell at the Band Club. Cornwall Rocks, a three day festival featuring some of the leading lights in the New …

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