Review: Yigga Digga – 'Faded Glory'

yigga digga digga do” through all the guitar parts. As “Equaliser” kicks in, it feels as if it is going to be a trance track, until we get the brilliant dual (maybe trio) mixed vocals. The stoner backbone is still there, and it takes you on a (bad?) trip. “222×3″ is another short, sharp attack on the senses, at less than two and a half minutes. the early Black Sabbath grind is right through it like Blackpool rock. Another belter. With a name like”Stutter” you can expect repetition, and you get it. You also get some vocals that sound as if they are gargling with cement. I love the stucatto drums rattling away at the speaker, and I would love to be in an audience screaming the chorus, as it must sound like a load of bikers throwing up. It all wraps up with “When The Man Comes Around” and what a riff to bow out on (yes it is yigga digga all over the place). This track could have fitted on any early Black Stone Cherry album, it is that good. According to Yigga Digga, the virgins are also out so be careful out there folks… it could be dangerous. “Faded Glory” is an excellent album, and if you get onto their Facebook page it is selling as a digital download for only $4.99. It is worth it just for the album art alone (I loved the little dig at The Illuminati). Yigga Digga is a good time band. A band you want to sit down and share a beer with. No frills, plenty spills, and just downright dirty! Review: Ritchie Birnie    ]]>

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