Review: Rival Fire – 'RIOT' EP

“I’m gonna eat you like a cannibal”, the cheery, gang vocals just waft us through these three minutes. Track three is, ‘Take The Fall’ which starts with a jaunty, acoustic intro. It’s a bee’s dick away from being a sea shanty, but then it all breaks down, and there is a swath of static through the mix. Here we have another smartly constructed track. Someone teleports Mark Kelly in from the year 1984 to drop in a tight little keyboard solo that pins the two halves of the track together. Just as you are getting this one sorted in your head, it’s all over. Stick it on replay and enjoy those three minutes all over again. I wasn’t sure of this track when it started, but I shouldn’t have worried, as it’s as well worked, tight, and memorable as everything else we have heard. So to, ‘All By Yourself’, an emotive and intense track. There is a confidence about Rival Fire that seems far beyond their time as a band, but it’s not misplaced, as the songs are excellent. This closes out the EP (remembering that track five is a clean edit of the opening track). This song is basically a four minute chant, but it does not sound like it is repeating itself. Every word is heard and believed. If you like to hear a fresh band, with more ideas than you can squeeze into an EP, then check out Rival Fire. I listened to these tracks a number of times, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard because you can hear the hours that have gone into producing twenty minutes of music. Those of you in Australia can see these guys support Dead Letter Circus. I’ll be there on the night to hopefully hear these tracks and maybe a snippet from the upcoming album. Hard to fault the ‘RIOT’ EP by Rival Fire, so give it a go and support another upcoming band. Review: Craig Grant]]>

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