Review: Otep – Generation Doom

Id rather be in battle than slaughtered like cattle The weak can sleep while I scream This was one of my favourite tracks for the visuals that are painted in my head. Like the best books you are taken on a journey through the darkest battlefield with only your own imagination to stop you. “Royals” is another anthem for this distorted world where capitalism reins supreme. The song itself is slower, has talking pieces and is almost poppy. I take it this is a reflection of a popular cheerleader world portrayed. I found this very powerful and very catchy. With “In Cold Blood” you have a lost love song. The one where you blame yourself for everything. You doubt your every move, where you go over moments you feel you should have changed things but can’t. The song is built upon fuzzy guitars and keyboard and is hauntingly melodic and sad. “Down” starts with a sitar sound, the vocals are spat out in a quiet rap until we get the build up and into a Limp Bizkit groove. The lyrics bounce back to the bad ass barrier mentioned previously. Now it is time to attack all religions with “God Is A Gun(and the bullets are free)” The song is very chaotic which I feel was totally scripted. It is a song about confusion first and foremost. “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” done something no other song has done before for me. I had to stop the track so many times and you will never guess why…I was laughing so hard over the track. have you ever been that mad that you go completely off the scale? Think of an argument with an idiot, no matter what you say you cannot get through so the only option is sarcasm…and even that doesn’t work. you will try anything just to get a rise out of someone.  want a taster? what about ” He called me a dyke, I called him an ambulance”. I nearly spat my drink out everywhere. another? ” you brought a butterknife to a tank fight, I put you on a blast, then fucked your wife”. Thats fighting talk folks. The anger and in your face is composed in another semi hip hop style. Once you stop laughing you will agree it is a cracking song and I have also left the best line for you to find yourself. ” No Colour” sounded like an old Queensryche song, that slow start with guitar pings before it builds up to what I am now calling the Otep barrage. I have lived and breathed the song “Liar” in real life. There is nothing as destructive to a relationship as a compulsive liar. It beats you down day after day. It breaks your resolve and your heart at the same time.  This song felt very personal to me. It is also when we get to hear Shamaya’s voice at the quieter end and it is beautiful. It is dripping with sadness. A stunning song built around heartache. The Title Track is back to Otep’s ferocious best. Everyone fucking hates me is screamed and spat at you like multiple stab wounds. The song is full on musically but the band always seem to hold the melody together perfectly. They have managed to blend their songs to take you to the edge of the precipice but not push you over. The album finishes up with ” On The Shore” and it mixes 80s pop, a classic ballad and even throws in some Enya. This was a great track to finish off with. As well as a finale to the album it is a tale of finality to a relationship. Was it the one with the liar? I would like to know. This is what makes this album so very different to anything I have heard in a long time. I connected instantly with the lyrics, the songs and the emotions so much so I want to know what happened next. I kind of want to sit down and say it is going to be ok…you can let go of the anger, find yourself and move on.

Very rarely have I been so touched by a piece of music and certain songs were a reflection of my own life, my own heartache and pain…this my friends is a very special album!!

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