Review: Mademaker – ‘Amble’ EP

Nirvana have been perpetually cool, but there’s also been a more recent spike of reverence for similar 90s grunge, which I’m very much on board with – including, of course, the resulting music by newer artists inspired by the genre and period.

‘Amble’ is no exception, a winding, building road to a screaming high of noise, though the title track is closer to what the name suggests, a slower pre-amble of an introduction, made to show off the technical parts of the music. The briefly cast spell is disrupted immediately with the song’s successor, ‘You’ve Got A Lot Of Explaining To Do’, which is a sudden blast of sound to the eardrums, enough to drag your attention right back to the music. There’s a blur to the sound, like it’s difficult to separate the instruments out from their blended noise, but everything comes through with just the right notes, and the wailing vocals do nothing but add to the effect.

Despite the short length of the EP, there’s more than one catchy song packed into it, and even though the sound itself is heavy, the melodies peek through to just the right degree where they’ll get stuck in your head. The grunge influences are most noticeable in the intro for ‘Grew’, my favourite track on the EP, where we’re treated to a sweet little riff that folds into a slick drum beat, steady until they both swell louder with a vengeance and turn into something with far more oomph to sink your teeth into. It’s a great little homage, as well as serving its own fantastic purposes and doing a lot to showcase the ways in which the band are capable of twisting older sounds into something newer and more exciting.

It’s an EP, so it’s not all that long, but it’s a worthwhile 15 minutes to spend listening to a fresh take on a genre that’s recently gotten more popular again, and it’s an exciting look in at the workings of a new band that’ll hopefully keep providing more of the same quality. Expecting big things!

Available now, more information here.

Mademaker are:

James Parry – Vocals, Guitars,
Bhav Thaker – Drums.

The next gig is Friars Court, Warrington on the 17th of March.

Review – El Vipond

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