Review: Jimmy Eat World – O2 Academy, Bristol

is November!) as we desperately tried to dry ourselves out before the big night; and if the infrequent queue karaoke and spontaneous pizza picnics were anything to go by, this night was certainly going to be one to remember! An hour after doors opened, the main support took to the stage. Having interviewed The Amazons earlier, I had come to expect a great deal from their short set, and I wasn’t disappointed! This Reading-based quartet definitely had style, and I’m not just talking about their threads (although those were pretty cool too). ‘Stay With Me’ was an impeccable opener to their short set; it was catchy, bouncy, and light-hearted, which really got the crowd going. For me, it gave off nostalgic road trip vibes, which also happen to be the main theme presented in the music video. The set also gave way to the idea that they are an incredibly instrumentally led band, smashing out their newly-released single ‘Little Something’, to the delight of the entire crowd, who watched in awe. Do not be fooled into thinking, however, that lyrically the band aren’t profound; in fact, at times they are unmistakably so. ‘Ultraviolet’, a personal favourite of mine, features some of my favourite lyrical work in a long time! The idea that ultraviolet light is comparable to an inability to communicate fear is one that is infinitely appealing. The Amazons finished their set with the iconic ‘Junk Food Forever’. With its infectious riff and lyrics, it was a sure-fire winner. They exited the stage to riotous cheers and applause. Everyone was thoroughly taken with these charming lads. Tonight, they kicked ass! After a short wait between sets, a deafening roar erupted from the crowd, as Jimmy Eat World made their way to the stage. Now, as an ardent follower of their music, I may be a little biased, but I can confidently reassure you that their set tonight was something else! A significant number of bands in the scene today find themselves tied down by backing tracks, and sometimes struggle to bring something new to the table in a live setting. For the well-polished Jimmy Eat World, there is no such problem. They perfectly balanced an ability to recreate album sound, as well as an ability to go ‘off-piste’, in a live environment. Truly refreshing, and a real pleasure to experience! In short, they nailed it. The set started with perhaps the heaviest track off their new album ‘Integrity Blues’, ‘Get Right’. I was extremely enthused that this song in particular made the set, and as the crowd instantaneously sang along at a deafening volume… so I wasn’t alone. The boisterous, vocal crowd was certainly a theme that recurred throughout the evening! Jimmy Eat World classics, such as ‘Bleed American’ and ‘Sweetness’ bookended the anthemic set to everyone’s elation. In fact, you could feel the ground shaking beneath your feet as everyone in the crowd jumped simultaneously to the music. This, coupled with the belting out of lyrics, came together to form a unique,  indescribable experience! Even after their explosive encore, the crowd still begged and chanted for more, which is one of the marks of a truly great band. To continue to create such stunning music, and to create such a welcoming and exciting live environment, over their 20+ years as a band, seems almost an anomaly. Their professionalism and humble nature is heartwarming, and it is easy to see why so many people flock to see them whenever, and wherever they can. Jimmy Eat World concert number four, here I come!   Review: Amy Jefferies]]>

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