Review: I Prevail – 'Lifelines'

st of October through all the usual outlets. The opening track, ‘Scars’, is also the first single to have been released. We all have our moments throughout our lives where we question who we are and what we are doing with our lives. We have small break downs, we all have scars, we all mess up sometimes. The hard part is remembering that everything isn’t as bad as it seems, or thatt it will pass. Don’t stray too far from yourself. Relationships come and go, and maybe you feel that it wasn’t suppose to finish the way it did, but you have to remember that you’re not the one who’s broken or weaker than the other because you’re thinking about them. ‘Stuck In Your Heart’ would be the  song that’s on repeat in their head when they’re lying in their bed. Powerful, melodic and heart-felt, does ‘Lifelines’ carry a message? Potentially. Was this album made with everything they are made of and more… It certainly needs to be successful… It needs to be their lifeline. ‘Come and Get It’ is a track not to forget. A lot of aggression. A shout out to those who fucked you around, messed you up, and forgot about you. A reminder to those types of people… Wave and say, “Hey! I’m still here, and stronger than ever.” BOOM! ‘Chaos’ brings another heart-felt track, another story. Reminding us that when shit hit’s the fan, and things don’t quite feel the same as they used to… When all you wanna do is go home, home’s where you make it! We adapt. With a change of pace, ‘Alone’ slows it down… takes a breath… We’ve all been here at some point. I Prevail, speaking from the soul. We’ve all had that someone who decided they didn’t want us anymore. You’d never have expected it from that person. You let them into your world, and it comes crashing down. Loneliness, regret, and crushed – we all remember that one person. ‘Outcast’ picks up the pace again. This track pretty much reminds us that even though you may feel that we’re different for liking different things from our peers, it’s okay! Everyone is different, but we are all still the same. It’s okay to be different, so don’t fret! Everyone has a goal, right? And everyone goes through a ‘I can’t do this anymore’. ‘RISE” reminds us to keep pushing. If you want to be the best, put in the work. If you can’t believe in yourself, then who will? Keep going! ‘Already Dead’ is brutal, brutal, brutal! The last few tracks, have all been very mindful and positive, but through any process, there’s always the anger stage. What I’m guessing from this track is, that this is that stage… Let it all outttttttt! If a song could describe that mental depression you feel after a certain period of time after something really fucked up happened, it’s ‘Pull The Plug’, with ‘One More Time’ following it up. I got from the two tracks that it’s okay to feel bad, but it’s not about that. It’s how you deal with how you feel – Are you going to let yourself stay beaten up and down or, do you want to get up and fight it to get back what you deserve to feel like? ‘My Heart I Surrender’ tells the story of a moment in your life that where you were lying in your bed in the dark and the clock’s reading 2am. You should be sleeping, but there you are, lying there, thinking about the what ifs, the could bes, the I wishes, and the what happened? ‘Worst Part of Me’ rounds things off.  Someone whom you cared dearly about, someone you let in, someone you let get to know the real you… The personal stuff that no-one else knows, the deep dark secrets of you… You let them become a part of you, you let them in. You let them control you. Love makes you blind, the pain gets too much, and then regret kicks in. The pieces of yourself on the floor, that only you can pick up. Nobody said reality and realisation was gonna be easy. I have been waiting very patiently to get the chance to listen to this record. ‘Lifelines’ was an absolute dream for me to listen to. I cannot say a bad thing about this album. It was a melodic and emotional ride, just what a piece of music should be like! Full marks from me. For anyone who hasn’t heard of I Prevail, please give them a listen. If you like bands such as A Day To Remember, Yashin, and Neck Deep, then you’ll dig these guys! Review: Carol Black  

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