Review: Godless – 'Centuries Of Decadence' ep

Adding to that ever increasing collective of superlative Metal bands from India and the surrounding areas, comes Godless from Hyderabad, consisting of a seasoned line-up that draws members from Skrypt, Shock Therapy, and Eccentric Pendulum, and who are set to make some pretty brutal waves with this debut EP ‘Centuries Of Decadence’.

Sound wise it’s a crushing mix of Brutal Death, with hints of Thrash, albeit subtle, as well as old school and modern Death Metal influences… including one of the sexiest technical grooves you could ever wish to hear, and harsh vocals that are deep and brutal, but crystal clear in their delivery. That alone should be enough to get your blood pumping and your pulse racing, but this release also has a trump card in the shape of Joe Haley (of Aussie tech metal legends Psycroptic), who has mixed and mastered the EP.

A four track offering, that spans eighteen brutal minutes, ‘Centuries Of Decadence’, opens on the crushingly memorable ‘Infest‘, with its superb, addictive repeat tech riffing, tremor-inducing vocals, and mid point lead work that just makes your heart soar.

Second track, of which the EP artwork is also based around, ‘Ossuary‘ comes in even more crushing and punchy than its predecessor. A track which tells of a wretched creature that dwells deep in the catacombs, in a state of suspended animation, about to complete its last phase of hibernation to wreak havoc on the world. The lyrics are a metaphor for the nefarious, covert organizations within the governments of today, and features an utterly stunning guest solo by Joe Haley in the second half. This EP gets better by the minute.

Inspired by the 1982 film Blade Runner, ‘Replicant’ is dark offering, that is awash with blastbeats, chugging riffs, and superbly eerie lead work.

Maintaining that crushing, punchy sound to the end is final offering ‘Oneiros’, which is inspired by the shaper of nightmares, in this instance Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”. This is a track which switches around fluidly throughout, and closes on an even darker, more sinister mix of slower haunting riffs, protracted growls, and pummelling drums, with a hauntingly eerie fade .

Godless’ ‘Centuries Of Decadence’ EP is a real attention-grabber of a release and is available from today HERE.

Review: Jools Green


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